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6/26/2006 6:33 pm
Sex story i wrote

I felt so relaxed as i drove my car. You didn;t know i was comming home you
thoguht i was still overseas on a busniess trip. Heh you had no idea the
kind of suprise i had in store for you when i got home. I looked over in my
passenger side at the bag of goodies. This was goign to be fun. I could
feel my dick starting to get hard jsut form thinging abotu what i was going
to do to you. As i pulled into teh drive way i noticed all the lights in the
hosue were off. It was only 8 30 and i knew you weren't in bed. I went in
the side entrance to enter teh kitchen. As i stepped in i heard moaning. I
stood and listned for a second. Hmm sounds like the party had started with
out me. As i came out of the kitchen i saw the light form the tv and
realized the moaning wasn't yours. It was the tv's. I looked at the couch
and saw you sitting in the middle of the couch with yoru legs spread on teh
coffe table before you. Your legs were bent at the knees as yrou hand was
stroking yrou clit. My dick grew harder as i watching you masturbate to teh
porn movie you had on the tv. I set my bag down and started stroking my own
dick throguh my pants while watching you. Your eye swere close and yoru
head was tilted back in pleasure. I watched as your hand played all over
your body While a hand cuffed woman in the move was pounded on all fours. I
watched as you slipped two fingers into yoru self. I heard soft moans escape
your lips as i pulled my dick otu of my pants adn started playin gwith it.
My dick grew harder adn harder watchin gyou and i almost forgot what i was
planning while watching you. As the movie progressed i slipped over behind
you and whispered into your ear

"You look really hot masturbating" I chuckleed as you jumped starteled. I
kissed you as you turned around and stood up once i was done. As i went to
move back and grab my bag i felt yoru hand wrap around my dick as you
pulled me towards you and sunk my dick into your mouth.. My knees went weak
as i felt yoru tounge swirl around my dick. I loved it as i felt you lick my
dick back and fouth swirling yoru tounge all around. I grunted softly as i
felt my dick slide into the back of your throat. I started moving back and
forth as i felt my dick slide further and further into teh back of yoru
throat. If you kept this up i kne wi was goign to cum so i had to stop you.
I pulled you off my dick and looked down on you as you looked almost sad
that i took my dick away form you. I leaned down and kissed your cheek.

"Don't worry love i will give you back your dick later but for right now
your mine" I walked away as you looked at me quizzically and grabbed my bag
of goodies. As i amde my way back to the couch you had already started
masturbaing again. I chuckcled as i finsihed taking my clothes off in front
of you. Some what of a strip tease. As i finnaly stripped down to nothing i
walked over to you and leand down to kiss you.

"Now its your turn love" I said as i started to kiss and lick down your
body. On my way down yoru body i stop at yor unipples and take them into my
mouth. Biting adn licking them i hear you moan softly as you back arches
trygin to force your nipples into my mouth. After a while i continue lickign
down yoru body past yoru stomache and yrou navel till i get to the top of
yoru clit. I look up at you as i start to suck on yoru click an dlick around
it. My hands travel back up yoru body back to yoru nipples to play and toy
with them. As yoru eyes half close and yoru fingers run through my hair i
continue minually down and slide my tounge into your wet pussy. I hear a
quick intake of breathe as i lick my tounge up and down your pussy. I can
feel you pushing the back of my head grding yoru pussy on my face. I retract
my hands from yoru breast adn wrap my arms around yoru thighs as i pull you
to a slumping state on the couch. I burry my tounge as deep as i can into
you looking dead into yoru eyes watching as you moan more adn more. I snake
my fingers around to play with yoru clit. Your back arches as my fingers
tweak adn roll yoru clit around. I start rubbing it with my thumb. my tounge
snakes out fo yoru pussy as i start to suck on yoru pussy lips. I give yoru
pussy one long last lick and as my tounge hits yrou clif i feel you tighten
yoru grip on my hair as you cum on my tounge. I lick up what i can as the
rest soaks into the couch.

"I take it you enjoyed that?' I said a si smirk evily but any words after
that were cut off as you pounce me to the for and start rubbing yrou wet
pussy on my still hard dick. No words are spoken from yoru lips find my and
yoru hands snakes down to jam my cock into your pussy. My dick feelse great
as yoru bury it to teh hilt inyoru warm pussy. I can feel it hit the back o
fyoru pussy as i feel you grinding on it. Your moans grow louder and louder
as i place my hands on yoru hips and thrust up to slam my dick into you. I
can feel yoru pussy squizing my dick as you start cumming again. Your scream
is peircing as you sit straight up and cum on my dick. I can feel teh
wetness leaking out of you adn it turns me on even more. As you lean
forward you lay on my chest exhausted.

I whisper into your ear as i stroke your hair " I hope your notdone yet i am
far form done with you." I grin as you look at me with amixed look of lust
and tiredness. I sit up and scoop you up grabing my bag off goodies and
carygin you up stairs , your legs still wraped around me as my dick is still
deep inside you. I can feel your body twitching as w ewalk up teh starts and
ever stair moves my dick round inside you. As we get to the door to our
bedroom you start grinding up and down on my dick aparently horney again.
As we get in i toss you onto the bed and then laugh at your perplexed vase
as you sexily bounce on the bed. As you attempt to ge tup i push you back
down on the bed adn lay my bag of goodies next to you. I can sense yoru
confused as i move you up the bd and reach into my bag of goodies and pull
ou ta pair of handcuffs. Your eyes light up as i wuick slip them aroudn yrou
wrist adn throguh one of the bars on our headboard. The way i do it leaves
you on your stomache. Ah your ass look so hot laying ther ehelpless. I watch
as you turn yoru head back to look at me. I grin at you as i reach in the
bag adn pull out another new toy. A Short black leather whip. Your eyes go
wide as i crack it beside the bed. I take the hilt of the whip and draw it
down yoru back. i can see you shiver as teh cold leather touches yrou skin.
Thats ok your skin will be warm enough in a second.

"Are you ready to be punished?" I ask you in a firm tone

"What am i being punished for master" I can hear the fear and lust in yoru

"I told you when i left that you were not allowed to touche yoru self you
were to wait for me"

"I couldn't help it after our phone conversation teh other night i had to do
something" You whimpered to me.

The whip lashed out across your ass " I don't care i told you not to touche
your self untill i returned. You weren't even goign to call me and let me
ehar you do it and you didn't evne ask. You've been naughty" I watched you
jump and heard a soft moan coem from you.

"But ... but... but" Your whining was quieted as the whip lashed ou ta few
more times across your ass again. Not enoguh to be really hurtful jsu
tenough to lightly sting. I whiped yoru body for a few minutes as yrou
moans come through muffled in the pillow. After a while i stopped. I put
the whip down and climbed onto the bed behind you. I kiss my way up and down
yoru back feeling you twitch as my tounge runs over yoru whip lashes. I
kiss my way up yoru back adn spread yrou legs from behind. As i push you up
onto your knees i whisper into your ear.

"I'm going to fuck you know untill you ca't take it any more" I hear your
gasp as my dick slides back into yoru pussy. I feel you push yoru ass
agasint me as i push my dick all the way into yoru pussy. Before lon gmy
strokes get hard and deep as i pound yoru pussy. Even throguh teh pillow i
coudl hear yoru screams louder and louder. As i continue to fuck you i lean
forward and slide my hand under you to yoru clit. As i punch and rub yoru
clit i can feel you cumming on my dick over and over again. The bed moves
feircly and teh bead board bangs agasint the wall as i see you straining
agasint the hand cuffs. As i reach forward to undo the hand cums yoru back
straights out and you cum really hard on my dick. As you finish cumming and
screaming yoru body goes limp as you go nearly unconsciencous. I undo the
hand cuffs and lay ddown next to you as i kiss your back and neck sending
small shivers down yoru spine.

"Did you come love?" i hear you ask in a sleepy voice.

"Nope i will use you to cum in the morning" i grined as i kissed your neck.

After a while you fall asleep in my arms my hard dick still in you . As i
pull the covers over us i start thinkign abotu wha ti am going to do to you
in the morning as i push my dick in you the rest of the way snuggle you
and sleep untill morning.......

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