My Experience With A Much Older Woman  

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7/15/2006 7:17 pm

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My Experience With A Much Older Woman

Although I could see she was older than me, I couldn't help, but notice her. Some women just seem to age well and she was one.

I first noticed her out on the dance floor, she definately caught my eye. She was built like a brick shit house! Even though she was older... she had something. And I would find out later that "something" was hot!

On my break I went over to her table and asked if I could sit down. She replied; "yes". So I sat down and ordered us both drinks and we started to talk.

I repeated this on each break and soon I could see that we were getting along well.

As I finished the night of entertainment, I noticed she was still there sitting alone. So I naturally asked her to dance. While we danced I asked her if she would like to go to a party at the band house. She said she would like that.

When we got back the house... we had a few beers and continued to talk. I found myself feeling a strong sexual attraction for her.

I knew it was now or never so I leaned over kissed her very softly. To my surprise, it was welcomed. We continued to kiss and each one was better than the last. Feeling her need for more I placed my leg between her thighs and pressed my upper thigh lightly against her pussy. She shook as she had an orgasm. As we continued things got hotter and I could feel the wetness of her pussy through her tight white jeans. This only intensified my resolve.

She told me that it had been sometime since she had last had sex. I knew then, that I would have to treat her gently.

After the rest of the guys had gone to their rooms we went to mine. As soon as the door closed she began taking off her clothes. I asked her if she was sure she wanted this and the answer was an unequivical yes, which was followed by passionate fondling.

She was hot and her body looked great! Although she was 17 years older than me, she sure didn't look it. Her tits were surprising firm and her pussy was as soft as any I had ever touched. And everytime I did, it got wetter and wetter.

By this time I was fully undressed and hard as a rock. The very thought of fucking her was so exciting! I couldn't believe it!

Here was a woman who had been to the club with her friends from church. And now she was in my bed! Why she wanted this to happen was beyond me, but by this time it was too late for analizing!

I laid her on the bed and climbed onto her. She responded by parting her legs. I could see the wet hot lips of her pussy open and glistening. I positioned myself and slowly slid my dick into her. The moment I inserted it she began to orgasm. This was hot, my balls were soaked with her pussy juice! I never knew post menopausal women could cum like that!

I stroked my dick in and out slowly as she continued to orgasm. She was in abandon by now and was fucking like a teenager cumming over and over again. After about ten minutes I could see that she was out of ammo. So with several long slow strokes I pumped her pussy full of hot cum. Wave upon wave of cum filled her pussy, ever tightening on my dick as she rose to meet every stroke.

After that we laid in the bed and she began to tell me about her unfullfilled sexual fantasies. I couldn't believe that a woman this age would have anything left unexplored. She told me she had never been tittie fucked or let a man cum in her mouth.

Now I have to tell you that having a woman with a near virgin mouth is a turn on! I decided I was going to make some fantasies come true!

I asked if she wanted to take a shower and we made our way to the bathroom. Once I got the water going we entered and stood holding each other in a long passionate kiss.

After washing each other... which in itself was arousing, I found myself hard again. She had noticed it too. She began to play with it. Squeezing and stroking it lightly in her hands. After a few minutes she sat down on the corner of the tub and I followed.

I began to rub my dick on her tits. First over one then the other making sure to touch her erect nipples. She had great tits! Soon I was pressing them together and sliding my dick between them. This really excited her as she was shaking and cumming. She put her hands around her tits and began stroking my dick with them. I couldn't believe I would be the first man to cover her tits with cum. The thought of this only inflamed my passion. After a few minutes she placed the head of my dick in her mouth and began to lick and suck it. I could've cum in her mouth right there, but I knew that would cum later.

I placed my dick back between her tits and contiued to slide in and out. I could feel it cumming... so I let it go. I was cumming on an older womans near virgin tits! I can tell you I was excited, and cum flowed like I was 16 again. She arched her back and let me cover her as she rubbed it all over. When it was over we kissed, got out and went back to my room to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning she had already left. So, I figured that was the end, but luckily I was wrong. That night she was back at the club and I was glad to see her. She was glad to see me too. I made my way over to her table and she started introducing me to her friends. I bought them drinks and had a nice time. She conducted herself well, but I knew her friends could see by the smiles and the gleam in our eyes... there was more to it. Later that night she invited to her house.

She had a nice place, but we didn't spend much time in the rest of the house. Soon we were in the bedroom kissing and fondling one another. I must have let loose a time bomb, because this time it was all about sex!

We quickly began to undress each other and press our naked bodies together. As I reached down and touched her pussy I could feel that it was already wet. I wanted to do something for her that she hadn't experienced before. I laid her on the bed and joined her.

I started with her lips and moved slowly downward kissing and touching her entire body (by the way did I say she was hot!). When I got to her mound I began to kiss it and stroke it with my hand. I slipped my finger inside and lightly stroked her clit with my tongue. Within seconds the bed was wet with her pussy juice.

I rolled over onto my back taking her with me until she was on top straddling my face. I continued licking and sucking her clit as waves of her orgasms covered my face. I was hard and she didn't let it go to waste! She began sucking the head of my dick. I could tell she hadn't had much experience at oral sex, so instead of ramming it home... I let her do as she wanted. It was still exciting, I was fullfilling long pent up fantasies and confirming to her that she was still a sexy, hot, and desirable woman.

After a time she rolled over onto her back and said; "I want you to cum in my mouth!"

I straddled her shoulders and she began to suck me. I wanted to go deeper, but I knew she was not ready for a dick choking her. Besides, knowing I would be the first man to cum in her mouth was exciting enough. After a few awkward moments she asked me what I wanted her to do. I didn't want to seem demanding or ungrateful so I told her to stroke it with her hands as she sucked on it. Within seconds she was stroking my hard dick in and out of her mouth and asking me if that felt good. She really wanted to know if she was doing it right! That really got me excited... I felt the cum starting to boil. With a few more sucks and strokes I let it go. I came hard squirting deep into her mouth.

Within seconds she was up and running for the bathroom. I on the other hand continued cumming all over the pillow and the bed. That was fine, she had done something to me no other man had ever had the pleasure of. I came in her mouth and I was the first!

We spent the rest of the week together eating out, talking and having sex. She was a super lady! Hell... she even taught me how to two-step!


7/17/2006 6:28 am

wow... what a wonderful story.. thanks for sharing

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7/18/2006 5:15 am

My Wife (Rest In Peace)was 26 years older than me and the wildest woman in bed I've ever been with. GOD BLESS OLDER WOMEN

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