In my new skin  

OkinawaJ 53M
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3/23/2005 1:17 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

In my new skin

After 17 years of a painful marriage, I asked for my freedom and got it. I've been single now for 5 months and I'm still getting used to my new skin.

I'm not having nay trouble meeting and conversing with women. My problem is I want to stay free and date around. Women just aren't having it, atleast the ones I've met so far. Every one of them want to lock a brotha down, clank clank. I let them know I see other women. They're cool with this, at first until feelings come into play.

They tell me good men are hard to find but damn. One, I just met a week ago, treated her to weekend getaway at Okuma (and it was very romantic and alot of fun), and now she's all in love. We talked about it and she understands wher I'm coming from. We're cool.

Like a dog on a leash I wriggle and tug away from any more leashes. Sure, I'm the marrying type but I can't go there. Its too soon.

Maybe I'm old fashioned. Do people still date around until they find the right one?

secretgirl001 45M/45F

7/3/2005 11:30 pm

i dont know if you will even read this since the last entry was back in wondering what kind of painful marriage this was?...and i also wonder how you finally summoned the courage to ask for a divorce...women are always looking for the man who will rescue them from their lives, they may be lonely, depressed, feel like they have it all but want more..even if they are married..i know this from here you come, and you are romantic, accommodating (the okuma weekend)..women want that allll the time...but what a lot dont realize and remember is that is the fantasy part of the relationship...the beginning is always so wonderful..then real life issues and feelings come into play..i think it takes a very secure woman, who is happy with her life as it is, and happy with herself, to be able to just accept a good time for what it is and not read too much into it..this may prove to be too difficult for most women since we are mostly very sensitive and maternal..we want to take care of you, prove our womanliness to our men, show them our value...but we can do this without any emotional tiedowns...well, some of just keep dating..keep having a good time..make sure you are tooootallyyy straightforward with the next woman you date...yes, that may not even be enough later on down the line..but gently cast out some beautiful you think she is, and how much you enjoy her company but dont want to see her get hurt...that you too are involved in a very sensitive and trying situation, what with being single after soooo many years...i hope you are doing well now..and during the rough times ,i wish you peace of mind..take care of yourself..and take your time..selena

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