OhioCpl15 51M/51F
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9/15/2005 9:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I get a wink from a standard member, but can't contact them......and apparently they can't contact me! Sometimes AdultFriendFinder bites. LOL there are clues for standard members on my profile and I use the same names for most everything. Lets see how smart you are?? Ya hooooooo!!!

MrAvgSize 61M

9/15/2005 12:16 pm

I think they do this so you will pay to be a member, just a thought.

OhioCpl15 51M/51F
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9/15/2005 6:59 pm

Ohhh, I know they do it for that reason......and appreciate their desire to make money. I just get annoyed with them ever so often and refuse to give them my money for a while. Slow server screwed up chat.....just a couple of things that are annoying for the price they want you to pay. On the other hand, their free service has worked quit nicely for me........so for now, I'll keep my money.

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