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8/15/2005 1:02 pm

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"I'm glad you made it," I say as we sit on the edge of the bed. We chit-chat for a bit, talking about my trip down and how nice or crappie the room is. Who knows......all I know is that I'm nervous, but excited. I'm still holding your hand and lightly brush my thumb across the top of your hand. Your skin is golden and soft. I think you're still talking, but I'm not paying much attention....I'm thinking about how good you look and smell. I look up and smile when I realize you're looking at me. This time you come closer and kiss me. I moan and scoot closer, my hand sliding up your arm. I shiver as I feel your hand on my arm, then in my hair. I pull my mouth away, only long enough to kiss your chin and down your neck. Your hands are everywhere, touching.....feeling. My hand goes lower......under your top and against your skin..... touching your belly, around to your back, hooking my finger under your bra, teasing. Your skin is so hot, ummm. I start tugging on your top, wanting it off. We separate just long enough for you to remove your top and my face goes back to your neck and I kiss my way down, again placing teasing licks just under your bra....light sucking kisses follow my fingers......
Your hands are touching me, in thru the top of my dress....finding my nipple. Teasing. I think about what you are doing while I kiss and tease you. You feel so good and I can't wait to get the rest of your clothes off.......but patiently wait while you explore me. Your touch is light and warm. I can feel your hair against my skin as you kiss your way toward my nipple. It is so hard and ready for your mouth. Aching. Your hands are everywhere and I lay back just as your mouth opens for my nipple.....I grin and lift my dress up and over. You stop and take off your bra......then lean closer......kissing again as our breasts touch.

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8/17/2005 5:36 am

Shivers...whew baby! You have a wonderful way of writing! I am going out of town this morning, but I will reply tomorrow morning, when I am at home!

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