Why ask?  

OhioCpl15 50M/51F
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7/11/2006 11:34 am

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9/5/2010 9:32 pm

Why ask?

Why ask for honesty when you're going to be an ass when it's given!? Why are some men threatened when you tell them men in general don't excite you?

*rolls eyes*

I have a man......who is very, very good in bed and loves me. He knows I like women and encourages me to play with them. Why would I want to fuck with that?? Why would I want to mess up something so good?

I talk to a lot of guys in chat...some of the react this way, but for every ass I talk to there are a couple really nice guys. I honestly don't have anything against men in general. I just don't look at them in a sexual way....I'm sure that part of why I look at women _is_ because they're available to me.

I have a man, so therefore don't look at men. Plain and simple, nothing personal to it. Geez.

st_bry20022 52M/52F  
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8/21/2008 7:38 am

Very well stated,My wife and I agree whole heartedly.I love to see her pleased by another woman and see her please other women.Been over 5yrs since we have found another like minded cpl.

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