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A First

Tonight’s story isn’t a fantasy but a memory, the memory of the first time I crossed that line between bi-curious and bi-sexual. I had been married 8 years (this was about ’99) and the hubby and I were looking into ways to “spice things up”. We had started watching porn together, using toys and sharing fantasies. One of his favorite fantasies was about a threesome with another woman. We had talked about going to a strip club together for a long time. One spring night after a nice dinner and several drinks my hubby suggested we drive an hour or so north to a small town that was well known for two things, an army base and a full-nude strip club. I’m sure you’ve guess by now that we weren’t headed to the army base. I had never been in a strip club before and the whole ride up there I was filled with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. Fortunately I had dressed up for the night out in an open cup bra and matching thong, button up silky black shirt, a black miniskirt, and black knee length boots. On the way to the club my hubby dared me to lose the thong and with the combination of the alcohol and anticipation were enough to make me peel them off and toss them into the backseat. When we pulled up to the club, I was a little disappointed. It was a slightly run down, concrete block building with a dirt and gravel parking lot. Several men were headed to the door when we pulled up but I didn’t see any other women, which made me hesitant but we had come this far and I had no intention of backing out now. There was a middle aged man taking the cover charge at the door and once my eyes adjusted to the dim, smoky atmosphere I saw a couple of dancers walking around the room talking to the men. I noticed a curtained off area, as well as a separate bar area with pool tables and a door marked “Private”. The stage came out into a “T” with seating around it. There were also several tables scattered around the room. Most of the men were at the tables so there were several seats open at the stage and that’s were my husband lead me. We quickly learned the “rules” there had to be $20 on the stage for the girl to get totally nude so the sooner the money on the stage reached$20 she immediately took it all off. If the $20 limit was met before the song started, you got to see her naked the whole time. We also learned quickly strippers LOVE women to tip because it all plays into that classic 2 women fantasy most men have and so they allowed women far more latitude than men. This place played REALLY fast and loose with the regulations. It didn’t take me long to get comfortable. I went quickly from lying dollar bills on the edge of the stage to holding a folded bill in my teeth and placing it between the tits of the dancers. Soon my hubby didn’t have to supply the dollars; other men were asking me to tip for them. It was a win-win situation for us all. It’s not hard to see which girls enjoy their work and which ones are there for the cash. One of the girls repeated caught my eye, her skin was a deep tan, her long dark hair fell halfway down her back in loose sexy waves, and she was having fun. She loved being the center of everyone’s attention and she was a real entertainer. After she had danced on stage several times she made a point of coming over the hubby and me to thank us for tipping so well and encouraging tipping from everyone else. She then asked if we were interested in a private dance. I excused myself to the ladies room while she and hubby discussed it and by the time I got back it was a done deal. She went to “freshen up” and before the next song started she lead us behind the curtained area to a dimly lit sofa. She made small talk and undressed completely while we waited for the start of “our song”. She told hubby how lucky he was, commenting on my openness to be at a strip club and my lack of jealousy toward the attention he got from the girls. She also told me how she loved girls, especially those with big tits like mine, she asked if I would let her see them and I found myself unbuttoning my shirt, reveling the open cups of my bra, exposing my 38DDs and hard round nipples. As the music died down she brushed her fingertips over my nipples. As the next song started she learned into me and softly kissed my lips, her hands roaming my tits. She straddled my lap, started kissing down my neck and whispered in my ear “this is a participation sport darling, touch me”. I noticed hubby's hand stroking up and down her back and tentatively I ran my hands up her waist, ribs and cupped her tits. It was the first time I had ever touched any naked tits besides my own and I immediately became wet. Rubbing her tits, her nipples beading against my palms, I kissed her, sliding my tongue in and out of her mouth. Her skin was so soft, so warm. It was a completely different experience from being with a man. She pressed my face against her tits and I immediately began licking and sucking her nipples. Damn how I love the feel of tits in my mouth and my hands, swirling my tongue around those hard nipples, the warm soft surrounding flesh against my face. I sucked softly at first until she told me to suck harder. That was all the encouragement I needed, I sucked, pulled and kneaded her incredibly beautiful tits until she pushed my head away, pushing my shoulders back to the couch and dipped her head down to my tits. She sucked and nibbled my tits until I was squirming on the couch, making little noises in the back of my throat. Every once in awhile I looked to see what hubby was thinking and doing. He was always touching the dancer but made sure he wasn’t in the way of what she and I were doing. From time to time he whispered encouragement to me, but his main role was to watch. Way too soon the girl stood up and I was afraid the dance was over or maybe I had gone too far but she was pushing down to lie on the couch, my head in hubby’s lap, his hard on rubbing against the back of my head. She straddled my face, positioning her shaved pussy over my mouth. This is the moment of truth for me; I could see the moisture glistening on her pussy lips, what would be my next move? While I was contemplating that I felt her tongue part the dark, damp curls of my pussy. It was amazing, knowing a beautiful woman was eating my pussy while my husband watched and tons of men were just on the other side of the curtain. She sucked my clit into her mouth and flicked it with her tongue and all I could think of was tasting her so I buried my face in her pussy and began lapping her clit. She was grinding against my face and what I lacked in experience, I made up for with enthusiasm. It was a good thing my mouth was stuffed with her pussy because I came so hard, my whole body shook. I worked her clit with my tongue and hubby was fingering her ass. I actually felt a rush of cum on my lips. The last few seconds of the song she and I spent kissing and licking pussy juice off each others faces. When the song was over and she and I were straightening our clothes, she made hubby an offer to “take care” of us both in a locked massage room for an unnamed price but he wasn’t interested in sticking around. He hurried me out of the club so fast I was worried he was upset about the things I had done, but I didn’t have to worry about that. As soon as we got out to the Explorer, he jerked open the back door, bent me face down in the backseat, flipped up my skirt, and slammed his dick in balls deep to my pussy. He fucked me hard and fast and in a few strokes we were both cumming. I slept all the way home, but it’s a night I won’t ever forget. By the way, a few months later the cops shut that place down for drugs and prostitution… go figure.

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Nicely done. My only suggestion to make this more readable on the web is to break it up into paragraphs...it's just tough to keep up if your readers have to scroll without paragraph breaks (even when the scrolling is worth it!)

Keep your stories cumming,

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