Text Alert!! "I don't play Games"  

Oh_Rad 58M
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12/2/2005 7:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Text Alert!! "I don't play Games"

One of the most telling comments I have found from profiles or chatting is, "I don't play Games". To me that is the first clue the game has begun.

So many women have this whack idea that there are still adolescent rules for dating and sex. The irony of that comment is, it's a throw away line. Most women I have met love to be intimate on a first date, if it clicks. It seems the game is women not wanting men to think they are easy or don't have self respect. Hogwash. If whether you get laid on a date defines you in any way, you need to mirror up.

As a man, 40 something I love meeting women my age, but so many have fallen into playing the game, they forgot why they made the rules.

When a woman tells me she talked to a guy 6 months before she meets him, mark me history. I have met a few 100% straight up WOMEN. No bull shit, no demure games, just great honest passionate people, who weren't waiting for keywords to unlock their passion for life. I salute those women. They win every game.

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