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8/25/2005 10:20 pm

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I first signed on to AdultFriendFinder, hoping to spark some sexual interest in my wife. We have been married along time... 29 years... the kid are gone... I seem to have much more interest in sex and areas of sexual interests... perhaps because of my somewhat older age. She tends to fantasize, the few times she will share about another guy being in the room... watching...and perhaps eating her... I thought maybe I could be helpful in bringing such to reality and also spark my own sex life... I used to do that in a former marraige and still fantasize about it... but I don't know ... maybe that would be disastarous... so am in a quandary... think maybe I should venture out as a solo, but doubt very much there is a market among couples or fairly attractive ladies who might enjoy a now and then relationship with a good lover... not bad looking and well built... a wit of subltle humor...

the things I read seem to say I am in a poor category to score so to speak. If you think I might spice up your love life... that would be great... but I would hope to become your friend and confidant... so anyway, that is about it for this part anyway... have you read my erotic posts under OhjOhnny1> I was surprised to get so many good or excellent resonses...

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