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11/20/2005 1:47 am

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I didn't realize, until tonight, how much I miss clubbing. Dancing is something that I still struggle with, but keep doing anyway. I got sandwitched by 3 girls tonight, of which, none stayed with me, but instead they must have done it to leave one of their friends to dance with me, the girl behind the girl infront of me. The 3 left, and she and I danced a bit. My hand on her hips, her hand on my shoulder. It was nice. I really miss that. My ex (not the married one) goes clubbing once a week but would never invite me along. I tried to include her in everything I did but it just wasnt the case for her. Oh well, her loss. Im having the time of my life right now - good thing she isnt around to rain on my parade, which Im sure she would.

As you can probably tell from the wandering paragraph above I did not drive tonight as I am slightly (well...maybe more than that) inebreated. I appologize for any spelling and/or grammar mistakes above but I dont really want to spell check. I hope you all have had a great night and a wonderful sunday. I'll be at work all stupid day.

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