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11/19/2005 12:59 am

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So I found out today, while on my way to work, that my ex got married. Not a big deal in and of it self, but when she told me WHEN she got married it became interresting. But first, a little background on the situation...

We dated for about 27 or 28 months. Rather serious relationship, thoughts about popping the question came up from time to time but it just never felt right. Then I met someone that made everything in my life change when he died unexpectedly. I realized that I really wasnt all that happy and that it was time to break it off. That was early/mid august this year. It was a pretty hard breakup for the both of us, but after talking about it she also realized that she wasnt having that much fun anymore.

Time goes by and we talk about once a month. She says nothing of meeting someone new but is interrested in my love life and if I've met anyone and how things are going for me. Always changing the subject when I return the favor. Today she tells me that she got married in september of this year. The month after she and I broke up.

Talk about shock - I was stunned. Not because I want her back, but because I am worried she rushed into things and that their relationship wasnt built on anything solid. I wish them the best and a lifetime of happiness, I just think they would have been better off waiting a little while.

Funny thing is that the guy is REALLY worried about me. He doesnt like it when she talks to me and is trying to move to california (Im in Colorado) to keep her away from me. She and I have only seen eachother once since the break up and I love her has a friend, hell she knows me better than anyone else does, but there is nothing more in our relationship. She says he doesnt want to meet me because he is afraid of me. I dont know what she told him about me but I've only been in 1 fight in my life, in middle school. I dont think I am overly physically imposing or threatening, but who knows.

Probably babeling now so I'll bid you adue. Thanks for reading & feel free to comment.

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