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11/22/2005 6:45 pm

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So here is a pretty crappy state of events: Today is day 9, 8 of the previous nights I've been drunk and hella hungover in the morning. Tonight Im going drinking again with my buddy.

"Why?" you may ask - easy. I had my heart ripped right out of my chest, lit on fire, stomped on, fed into a meat grinder, cooked on a grill and fed to me...all on the phone...while 1200 miles away from her.

Cant get to haggered tonight though, have to drive home tomorrow and see the whole fam-damnly. That'll be good times...maybe. Im not huge on the family thing. Mostly b/c of issues Im not willing to just let hang on the net. Im not one of those "my parents were mean to me so Im going to do _______ to get back at them" or whatever. I just know that life deals us each a unique hand and mine is no different. You just have to make do.

*Random info* As you can probably tell, I've never had a blog before, nor even a diary/journal. I don't censor myself on here (baring a few exceptions...see above) and just write what comes to mind. Thats probably why I tend to babbel and change direction so much.

Anyway - My ex is suppose to call me (I called her just a bit ago after seeing her sunday night) and let me know what happened. She was so happy when we first got together and it went down hill quickly. She wouldn't tell me if anything was wrong, she wouldn't tell me how she felt or if something was on her mind. That really got to me. She just kept saying "don't worry, if something is wrong I'll tell you" - she sure did, "I think we should break up" is a pretty clear problem. Depending on what she says I may or may not post specifics, I just hope it helps me get over her.

P.S. Thats a webcam pic of a pic of her and I on my bike...good memories

- K

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