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1/19/2006 11:49 pm

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For some reason, which is beyond my better judgement, I cannot let go of her. I know we all have the "one that got away" but this is to an all new extreme. We broke up 3 months ago and yet if she called tomorrow I'd drop everything and take her back in a heartbeat. If I knew she was in trouble I'd do ANYTHING I could to get her out. I've never been in this situation before...I've never cared this much for this long...especially after its all over, let alone during an actual relationship. I'd spend the rest of my life trying to get her back if only to hear her say yes right before dieing.

- K

rm_fun_sex_lust 39F

6/24/2006 1:33 pm

I know how you feel, but there's a reason why she is "the one that got away". Maybe it's hard to realize it now, but there's someone out there for you that is a much better match than she ever was. It will take some time, but life only gets better as we learn from our mistakes you just have to let it take its course.

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