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OceanGirlGrnEyes 39F
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8/24/2005 12:24 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Still Here!

HMMMMMMM! so i still cant figure out how to get my picture on this computer. i'e never had a computer b4. bear with me im feelin kinda stupid. lol. if i can get my "so-called-fiance" to hook up the scanner and teach me how to use it then i can put lots of pictures up. then maybe ,no,then for sure id have tons of messages cuz i know im hot. and lots of fun too. not sexually . well yeah sexually, but as an overall love to keep lots of me around cuz i crack myself up.anyway. im still trying to find me a hot chic i can hook up with but all the messages and invites i send wont go thru for some reason.anyway people, my kids have started school so its a lil calmer here during the day. but so much more work now.its great to finally be divorced from that asshole abusive cheating exhusband of mine. we were married about 8 years b4 i finally got a clue and kicked his ass out. finally a year and a half l8r, and almost 10 years to the date of our marriage, we are finally divorced. sad thing is that now im still dealing with the emotional BS. i hated his guts ,yet the finality that my lil "family" is forever gone sucks.its starting to hurt all over again. but why? i hate that guy! i dont understand why my heart is starting to hurt all over again from a guy who used to beat me and is STILL a complete asshole.HMMM.oh well, 1 day at atime ,right? funny thing is that guy was a mexican and im half irish. he used to always tell me that he knew if we ever split up that id probably hook up with a white guy. i used to tell him that i hated men and that if we ever split up id probably just become a lesbian . ROTFLMAO! who knew that id actually be looking in to a sexual thing with another woman. not a lesbian thats for sure cuz i think lesbians need to be emotionally attached as well as sexually, but for sure well on my way to enjoy the benefits of being with a sexy woman.....if i can freakin find 1!signing off for now. hopefully i get more than 222222222222 coments next time. see yall later.

mailmantrouser2 54M
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8/24/2005 4:42 pm

Of course there's a hole in your heart from the betrayal, but he is also still the father of your children. Do not let them suffer as muchas you do. You'll find a great woman, for now, until you can trust men again. Nut think of the little ones!

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