What Women Want in Bed - Word Up!!  

Obolaski 56M
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4/4/2005 12:58 pm

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What Women Want in Bed - Word Up!!

You know, there are those times for gals as well as guys when you just wanna geddit!! Fuck the niceties and the please and thank you bullshit. You are horny and you just want to NAIL the bitch like Dirty Sanchez. Ever had that feeling? Girls get it to at a certain time of the month. You can usually tell where she is in her monthly cycle by the skimpiness of her attire, the way she's applied her lipstick so her mouth looks like a pouting gash on her pretty face, and the way she looks at you like a starving dog contemplating a T-bone steak....Younger gals are ALWAYS fizzing with hormones. In any town centre summer or winter at around 11 pm they totter out of the pubs and bars and head down towards the clubs...and SHIIT there is nothing more hornifying than a gaggle of half pissed Brit sluts looking for Mr Goodbar on a Friday night. God help you guys! They'll suck you inside out, impale themselves on your dick and then ride you like a rodeo star with a jalapeno chilli stuck up their ass! (I wish)

Anyway; back to the subject of wanting to GEDDIT but GOOD. There are those times when even the love of your life is in your gunsights but she's now your cum slut obsession of the moment, and by CHRIST you are going to fucking MERGE with the bitch....you want to stab her with your beef pole until she screams with ecstacy and spurts fem cum for fuckin' England. Jesus; why are the male gender so goddamn aggressive in bed when we're horny?? We want to do her doggy-style push her head down into the pillow haul that ass up and then bang her buns like we're trying to re-arrange her internal organs...and the more she cries out in pleasure the harder and faster we bang her. Yeaaaah!! Ever got to ROARING when you're doing that?? Ever seen lions fucking in the zoo? The male lion mounts the female from behind and while he's banging her and thrusting for Africa, the savage BITES the back of her neck (playfully thank God) but bites her nevertheless. Ever felt like doing that?? Don't lie sucka - we all have ). We wanna get on top of the bitch and acquaint her knees with her earlobes, get up into that extended push-ups position until the only things in contact with the bed are the back of her neck her heels your toes and the flat of your hands - and then we POUND the living shit out of that pussy..and you know what? She's SCREAMING at you not to fuck AROUND but to GIVE IT to her HARDER...DEEPER.....

Sic transit gloria mundi!!
I love begin a bad-ass guy!

Peace Peoples


AmpleGirl 53F

4/4/2005 8:06 pm

now i really understand why a boyfriend would leave bruises on my shoulders after an intense doggy session

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