Girls Wanna Geddit too >;o) Yeeeaaahhhh!!!!  

Obolaski 56M
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3/29/2005 9:30 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Girls Wanna Geddit too >;o) Yeeeaaahhhh!!!!

Did I forget to add just how badly women wanna geddit when they are hot and horny and not getting any and their hormones are fizzin'? Guys, these sexy little Mommas would just EAT us alive. I've heard rampant female sexual desire described in a Mens Fitness Mag by a female contributor. She was eloquent (So I don't have to be!) The upshot of it was that when your female hormones are fizzin' and bubblin' at that time of the month, evn the most demure babe gets a little rampant. Women in that frame of mind just want to be penetrated hard deep repeatedly and savagely! Isn't nature a wonderful thing? Coz when us guys feel that horny (hormones female pheromones whatever) then we just gotta wantta MUST POUND that sweet wet warm soft pussy and absolutely positively nail that sweet honey's hips to the mattress while we rearrange her internal organs with the ol' beef pole and you KNOW it feels so good to both of us. Good God; peoples let's GIT IT and GOOD.

Peace Peoples

OBL (I'm on fuckin' fire!!!)

rm__Caff_ 56F
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6/4/2007 4:47 am

fuck! Fuck! FUCK! FUUUUUCK!!! ur one amazing man!!!

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