Blind Roses  

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9/7/2006 1:20 pm

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Blind Roses

Roses are such delicate instrument used correctly they tantalize the mind. With the petals sensuous circles drawn on the skin, never to heavy just enough to excite the nerves, dilate the capillaries, and get the endorphins flowing. The stem hard and rough with its thorns thrust outward to protect the true beauty of the flower has a certain masculine flair.

I enjoy especially how a blindfolded woman can follow a trail of rose petals on the floor just by using her feet. I sit a watch as she guides herself to me. Her senses heightened and aware guiding her, the smell of the roses the feel of the petals on her feet showing her the way to me. I watch as she becomes more confident in her abilities to maneuver around the room towards me. I notice all the things about her, the delicate way her feet move across the floor. How every once in a while a petal will stick to her stockings. The way she holds her best shoes with two fingers the shoes she spent so long picking out now completely forgotten amidst the excitement that is building within her.

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