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8/11/2005 7:05 am
More fun

Since my last post....

Serena ended up with a migraine so we didn't meet that day. Now she's hardly online. I'm thinking she's had second thoughts. We'll see.

I did meet my friend from Newport again. Once again we ended up doing a little something. I asked her several times if she was ok with it and she insisted that it was ok for her to suck my cock. So I played with her pussy and she gave me a blow job like I haven't had in a very long time. She is goooood at that. But since she doesn't want to go farther and I want to respect that, I'm going to put lots of time between our visits. Otherwise I know we'll cross that line.

Monday was my first day back to work after 2 weeks off. I had a meeting in Spokane. When I was done with my meeting I called Sheryl. Turns out she's just started a job as a manager of an apartment complex. She invited me over. Sure enough she wanted to fuck. She is such a me. LOL. The managers office has an apartment attached and this one was empty. So we went in there. She was wearing a skirt so she took off her panties, I got completely naked. We managed about 5 minutes of fucking before someone came to pay rent. So she went to handle that and I stroked myself for a while. She came back and we went at it again on the floor of the living room. I was laying there with her on top and mmmmmmm did that feel good. But then the phone rang and it was someone coming over for something. She said it was about to get real busy so we had to quit. I went upstairs when someone else came and she had to go talk to them and I stroked myself to a good cum in one of the empty bedrooms. Then I got dressed and went down to the office.

When I got there she was talking to a young russian girl. Sweet young thing of maybe 19, nice little ass. This girl kept looking at me with a smile that about knocked me out. I left right after she did and we kept exchanging glances in the parking lot. Later Sheryl said on the phone that she's pretty sure this girl is interested.....I'm not quite sure how she knows that.

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