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7/23/2005 11:26 am
First Post

I used to write this sort of thing on another site. I had many readers, mostly female, and I enjoyed it. That other site got wiped out by kids and haters. My hope is that things will go better here but we'll see. A membership here is, for me, a lot of money so we'll see how limited I am by the free account.


I met Sheryl again last night. This was to be our first time at the place she's living now. But when I got to CdA conditions had changed and we couldn't meet at the house. We drove downtown and found a quiet parking lot down by the college. It was empty of cars and fairly well hidden.

When I first got into her SUV I kissed her and felt her bra. That made me wonder if she had panties on. When we parked she started putting down the seats in back so I came up behind her, flipped up her dress and was delighted at what I saw. She was ready for fucking.

Long story short, we fucked in the back of her SUV for like 3 hours. Nobody so much as drove down there so it was nice. We had talked about how much we would both like it though if there had been another guy there. We'll be setting that up. I asked her if she would like to play with a couple and she suprised me by saying she would be all for that. She's not bi at all but there is so much other fun we could have with a couple.

So that was last night. Tonight I am supposed to see Terry again but I haven't heard from her. And I am still hoping to meet Julia for the first time this weekend but don't know how fast she'll move. I have a feeling though that she's trying to appear to be something of a good girl but is as much of a slut as my other friends.

Ok, more later.

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