A Fantasy Just Missed  

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5/21/2006 5:10 pm
A Fantasy Just Missed

I'm disappointed. A bit crushed. And yet I feel pretty stupid about it. So I would like to run this by people here and get everyone's opinion as a sort of reality check.

The girl I wrote about in my previous post has long desired to be with another woman. I told her that I could, and would, make that happen. After all, seeing or being with two women has always been my biggest fantasy and one that I had almost given up on. I could always seem to find one woman who was willing but never two.

As it so happens, another friend of mine who is bi experienced suddenly found herself single and willing. I told my first friend, we'll call her Kay, about this stroke of luck. She was exceited but insisted that when, not if, it happened that she wanted me there because she is very shy and nervous.

So you can imagine that over the last two months or so my fantasy has taken a particular shape. I would be there when Kay and Tanya met for the first time. I would be there when they had sex for the first time. Although I had offered to just be there, they both insisted that I would participate for their first time.

So I got them in touch with each other. The hit it off instantly. Things were looking up.

Then something changed. I wasn't sure what but Kay started seeming distant when we chatted. Keep in mind that I'm married, just not to either of these two lovely ladies.

Today they dumped it on me. They've agreed to meet without me. They assured me that they each still want to see me and that they want to be together with me at some point as a threesome, just not for the first time.

So here I sit, a little mad, a little heartbroken and very crushed. Am I just being silly or what? After all these are friends of mine and it's always just been about sex with friends. So I don't really have a reason to feel this way....do I?

I will be VERY interested in what anyone here has to say. At the very least, I think I'll take a break from the sexual scene for a while and just focus on work.

LilSexyVixen 53F

5/23/2006 5:25 am

I hate to sound so pestimistic but it sounds like you were used m'love. Don't feel bad, I am sure there are other people out there that are truly sincere and genuine. Don't give up.... reach out and try again. If you never try you will never know, I think it is well worth putting forth that effort again. Maybe this time you should meet each woman individually before you introduce them. This way you know that there is the attraction on your and their part to each other and then when you get together as a threesome all that has to happen is that the two of them also connect. Make their first meeting a group meeting even if it is just social for a drink or something.

Hope this helps and all your fantasies become realities.

LSV (aka pretty -n- pink)


5/23/2006 4:26 pm

LSV, I'm so glad you took the time to reply.

I feel used. That's exactly how to describe it. And I'm sure you're right that I should try again, and I'm sure at some point that I will. When I introduced them online that thought went through my head but I dismissed it because Kay was so positive that she wouldn't want to attempt this without either me or her lover in California present. Live and learn I guess.

I still would love to hear what everyone else thinks. And has anyone else had this happen?

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