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1/16/2006 10:42 pm

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Crazy things

Strange day! First, an email from a guy in NEW JERSEY who wants to join a group party. Replied that I thought 300 miles might be a bit much. He sent back that he couldn't find any down there. Told him to set one up himself. Things must be pretty desparate if you are willing to travel 300 miles to a party.

Next, in today's snail mail. I paid the monthly condo association fee the first of the month. New Year so the price went up (of course). No problem except that I shorted them in the new payment by .10 - ten cents. Sure enough, in the mail today, a letter informing me of my error and requesting that I "remit the balance". Checked the envelope - yep, .39 stamp to get the request about 300 yards to ask me to send them .10. Went down to the office in the clubhouse, showed the girl the letter, gave her a dime and asked for a receipt. She couldn't find a receipt book so she typed one out for me. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. Went into the fitness center, did my Tai Chi and a few laps in the pool to relax. Decided I should laugh (even though it was a sad thing).

Did manage to confirm the suites for the March party so that is out of the way.

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