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11/1/2005 10:00 pm

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One of my major regrets in life is that I did not take dance lessons until a few years ago. Then I watched a program (1992 - Club Dance)with ordinary people dancing and decided to learn. What a difference in life! Now I go to a wedding or a party and dance instead of sitting and watching. And women come up to me and tell me what a great dancer I am! I am not really a great dancer - I am just better at it than 99% of the men they know.

So why don't men learn to dance? The most common reply I get from guys is that they have two left feet. BS! If you can count to four you can learn to dance. I guess it just isn't a "man" thing like football.

And I am not talking about bouncing around to some disco or . Waltz them around or a nice sexy Rumba. Watch the smile on her face as your hips sway with hers.

Too bad, guys. I think most women would overlook a few of your faults and perhaps even your looks if you could CHA CHA or MAMBO. Just think of how far you might get if you could TANGO!

I would not be surprised if you tripled your ad responses by putting up a picture of you dancing instead of those useless pictures of your private parts.

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11/15/2005 2:57 am

I agree whole heartedly. The movies like "Dirty Dancing", "Save the last dance", "Dance with me" in more recent times and older movies with Ginger Rogers and Fred Aisteir (not sure of the spelling) make dancing seem like the most romantic thing there is on this earth. I am not talking about jumping up and down in an off-beat rhythm. I agree, that's not true dance.

Some men associate 'dance' with being gay. That is a big problem too. The stigma. I hope more men read this advice and actually take up dancing. Women will overlook faults(faults meaning any characteristic that makes that man less than her dream guy).

Good article!

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