The Boss  

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6/25/2005 9:05 pm

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The Boss

My husband and I were thrilled when he took a job with a leading software firm in the LA area. It was something we had been working toward for years, and the money was really good. It was a welcome relief to both of us because the past few years had been a little tough. For his 34th birthday, I decided to do something special for him and reserved a room at a very nice hotel and a table at one of the finest restaurants. To get him in the mood, I picked out a very revealing outfit from a specialty store. It was a very short black mini-skirt and a white half-shirt, a few buttons undone.

I took a cab to his office tower and enjoyed the looks of his co-workers. Trying to be as sexy as possible, I leaned over my husband’s desk to kiss him. I wanted every man there to be jealous. My husband seemed surprised to see me, but quickly recovered when I reminded him of our plans. He said he’d have to check with his boss, but then we’d be on our way.

His boss turned out to be a large, handsome man named Mike. My husband told me that he was a former Bears linebacker in the 80’s and was said to own his own private jet. He was dressed sharp in a black suit with just a touch of gray in his hair.

“Mr. Anderson wants to take us out for drinks, honey”, he said. “It will be a chance for you to meet some of the executives”.

I was worried about our reservations, but it was obviously important to my husband that I go along, so I agreed. “Please, call me Mike”, he said. His boss made no pretense about checking me out as we were introduced. He was a very forward man … good looking, but obviously someone used to getting what he wanted.

There were eight of us when we finally got to the bar. It was a blues bar. There was a band playing on a little stage in front. We sat in a booth in back and had to squeeze to get in. Mike sat next to me. One of the other men (a much younger man) sat on my other side. My husband wound up sitting on the other end of the booth, next to Frank ‒ another associate. The two of them got drinks for us.

I ordered a drink, but Mike insisted I have something stronger. I asked for a glass of wine. The executives were very friendly. Mike and the other man, his son .. Danny, leaned in very close to talk to me. They seemed very interested in what I had to say. Danny was much younger, almost my age and … good looking, as well. I tried to make a good impression on both of them, considering the circumstances.

The men drank very fast and encouraged me to do the same. As soon as my husband finished serving one round of drinks, they would send him for another.

Mike told me he was very lucky to have such a beautiful wife. He asked if I dressed this way often. I told them it was only for special occasions and that I was a little .. uncomfortable being dressed this way in front of them. When they asked me what the occasion was, I told them about our plans to try for a baby and that we had hoped to get started that night. I couldn’t believe I was being so open to a bunch of total strangers.

The talk became more frank after that. They asked me questions about my past experiences … about my marriage and .. whether I enjoyed the looks I got from men when dressed in the clothes I was wearing. I’m not sure why I responded, but I told them about my first time with my husband .. about other men I’d dated.. and admitted to them that, yes, I liked the way the clothes made me feel when men looked at me.

While I was talking, I felt Mike’s hand on my thigh. He said he was very pleased with my husband's performance at the company, and he hoped both of us would be comfortable there. I thanked him and smiled, though I was nervous with his hand on my bare leg like that.

He smiled back at me and I felt his fingers begin tracing a line on the inside of my thigh. It was very erotic, though a little nerve-wracking. I glanced at my husband again, but he didn’t catch my eye. “We think he might qualify for a year-end bonus”, he said. I nodded, ashamed of myself for letting his boss touch me like that. He continued talking to me about my husband's prospects, but his hand became more and more forward under the table. I wanted to get up and move away, but for some reason .. I didn’t. I told myself it was not worth making a scene.

Then I felt his fingers touching me through my..

I became startled, but his hand on my shoulder stopped me. “Relax”, he said. “You’re not hurting anybody. Just enjoy it”. I did relax a little. His fingers began to gently caress me there. “You’re a beautiful young girl”, he said. “You really should loosen up. Your husband would like that. I’ll bet he doesn’t even realize how lucky he is to have you in his bed every night”.

Turning to Danny, he asked .. “What do you think she’s wearing underneath?”.

Danny smiled at me. “I’m sure it's something sexy”, he said.

I felt his fingers touch my knee. The two of them continued talking about me as if I weren’t even there. I couldn’t help but react to what they were doing to me. It was incredibly erotic to have two men caressing me, though I was embarrassed and a bit humiliated that I was letting them touch me so openly.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. It was like an out-of-body experience…

I glanced at my husband again, but he still wasn’t paying attention. They maneuvered my legs apart. I didn’t try to stop them. Mike began gently touching me there under the table. “I think she’s taking my advice”, he said. I realized I had been moving my hips against his hand and stopped myself. The men sitting closer to us were all looking at me. I looked for my husband, but he’d gotten up and gone somewhere.

Mike leaned in close to me. “You’re a bad little girl, aren’t you?”, he said. “You like the way I touch you, don’t you? You like being pleasured”. He put a finger to my lips and said.. “It’s ok, shhhh… relax”.

I felt my head move almost before I could stop myself. I looked again for my husband. “Please stop doing this to me”, I whimpered.

Mike laughed again and became even bolder. I felt him pull my panties aside. I felt him touch my naked, wet body. I wanted to scream, but it felt so good that I couldn’t stop him. I moved my thighs even wider for him. Danny continued to stroke my thigh while he watched us intently.

“That’s it”, Mike said. “Be a good girl and slide forward”. I did as he told. He penetrated me with his fingers.

This time I couldn’t help it. I made a little noise.

I looked up. My husband was looking straight at me.

“Everything ok?”, he asked.

“Yes.. yeah I’m fine”, I heard myself saying. I stumbled. Mike had slid his finger deeper inside me, his palm rubbing against my...

I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t answer him.

Mike answered for me. “It’s alright”, he said. “I’ve got her well in hand. Why don’t you get us some more drinks”. He slid another finger into me.

My husband nodded curiously. I flashed him a weak smile before he left.

When he was over by the bar, Mike took my face in his hand and kissed me hard on the lips. I opened my mouth for him and moaned around his tongue as I throbbed around his fingers. He squeezed me there. When he released me, I fell back against the booth, eyes closed .. wanting desperately for him to make me cry out. I was moving my hips against him quite openly now, knowing the others could see me.

Danny unbuttoned my blouse. He pulled it all the way apart. He unclasped my bra and moved me so he could slide the straps off my shoulders. I resisted none of this. When I opened my eyes, I saw the other men staring intently at my naked chest. Danny reached in and touched me. I let him do it, thinking only of my pleasure. He leaned down and kissed my body. All I could do was moan out loud. When he stopped, I wanted him to continue. Mike, though, told me to button myself up.

“Your husband is coming back”, he said.

I was still buttoning my blouse when he came around the corner with the drinks. I thanked him nervously as he handed me my drink. I tried to control my breathing. I wondered if he could tell that my bra was now missing. He asked if I was almost ready to go. I started to stammer a reply, thinking of my missing bra and Mike’s fingers buried inside me .. when Mike interrupted. “She’s almost ready”, he said. “I need you to go get the Clark file off my desk for me. I’m sure she’ll be ready when you get back”. While I hated the tone of his voice, I have to admit I was relieved when I saw my husband leaving. I no longer wanted to stop what Mike was doing to me.

When he turned the corner, Mike turned me in my seat. He stripped my clothes off me, then pushed me down in the booth. He climbed on top of me. I wasn’t ready for what happened next. I honestly hadn’t expected it. I felt him there and then .. he was inside me almost before I knew it. I was so wet and ready for him.

As soon as I felt him inside me, I gave up any resistance. I gave in to him completely - again and again. His thrusts were long and pounding. I was panting and moaning as the other men looked on, in disbelief. He pulled my blouse apart. He put his fingers in my mouth. I begged him to "please.. don't.. stop".

I felt him explode inside me. I wrapped my legs around him, pushing myself against him to get him in me as deep as he could go ‒ to milk every last drop of his cum. I didn’t even think it was supposed to have been my husband.

We met back at the hotel later that night. I kept the lights off so he wouldn’t see the marks on my back or the dried stains on my thighs. I told him I was wet from thinking about him all night.

Well… I certainly was wet…

The truth is .. I could hardly feel him..

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