NyaxkinS 58M
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6/7/2006 5:34 am

I remember when i was a young boy and taking off my clothes in the woods around my house in the country. what freedom. i think that is what i feel now when i escape the chains that bind me. it has always been a happy "place" but a solitary place for me without someone to share it with. if i am now free, what then are the restraints upon me? im am a slave, detained and oppressed by my own committments, my way of life some might call it; even society, we collectively, limit our freedom to what is acceptable dress and behavior, where we can do what and when; why and for what good? so that i may be free from want? in my freedom do i choose to submit to bondage so that i might be free from some wants, worries and fears, giving up the freedom to be, create and see beyond the limits of my benefactors boundaries? i encourage you to loose the chains that bind you in some way, be free, feel free, free you mind. see beyond the elasticity of the chains that bind and wonder, imagine, feel. glimpses of utopia, no place today, but a place perhaps of tommorrow, born out of freedom ~ tuwa yaxkin nahtani

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