another hatyai trip  

NutBuster1974 42M
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8/3/2006 12:42 am

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10/22/2006 10:04 am

another hatyai trip

yes yes another trip up to Thailand, I just love it over there.. + I have friends there .

I was introduced to this lovely thai couple in their 40s, happy and swinging away lol lets call the MR n MRS
anyways the husband has always been bi-curious and we got along very well .. since they already knew that I was bi asked me to help him out.

I was looking at his wife when he asked, she just gave me a wink and said take time ok ... my hubby never try b4 .. lol ok got the Mrs OK .I suggest maybe the 3 of us could enjoy each other ...
lol got that OK too..

Rather than rush into things , we went out had a lovely seafood dinner near songkhla and the ajourned back to their house for some drinks.
Now this couple I have to say really take good care of their bodies ,fit and hard .. nice ..

this was going to be a good evening
got back to the house , changed to my boxers and opened up a bottle of wine ... chilling on the living room couch.
MR came into the room all dressed into a sexy black teddy, thong panties , thigh high pantyhose and 3 inch heels ... mmmmm they never told me MR was a CD.
seeing that my cock sprung up like saying " hi there " lol
MR looked hot all dressed the part, even his shoulder length wig was very nicely done .. mmm
I got up walked to MR took his had and gently kissed him for a few seconds.. must have hit his spot cos I felt tongue ..
MRS was just behind MR , with a great big smile, she was also hot in her simple white lace g string, no bra .. very sexy white matching pantyhose .. she had in her hands a strap-on dildo and ky... that brought a smile on my face .. MRS has been looking forward to this for a while huh ?
I reached over and pulled her to me and kissed her..sweet.
So we sat had our fill of wine and talk of fantasies and fetishes... MR was already turned on, his cock straining his panties...
I guided his hand to my crotch and immediately MR was inside my boxers and jacking my cock, so I slid off my boxers, MRS came over and began to suck it ... I gazed at MR and gently nudged him to do as MRS
After a little hesitation... MR looked to MRS ,she smiled took out my cock from her hot mouth and allowed MR to begin his first blow...
my my I always enjoy a virgin mouth..
A little fast but MRS instructed him on how to do so, I asked MRS to get up cos I wanted to taste her pussy, lovely lady she obliged .. eating pussy and getting my cock sucked.. heaven..
I cant remember how long we were in that position, but it was fantastic...
I asked MRS to come and sit on my cock( with rubbers ), MR to come up, time to give him his "first"blow , MR was leaking all over his panties ...I shifted his panties to one side and out popped his uncut cock.. all shaved mmm
Ipulled him in and began licking his balls and shaft b4 I began sucking ,MRS seeing her hubby's cock being blown must have pushed her buttons becos she was riding my cock hard n cumming .. ohh the wetness ...
MR was gushing too in moments , his hot cum into my mouth and over my lips .... MRS started to kiss and lick my fact , MR joined in soon after ..

I said I need to cum in your ass MR, he kissed me and said.. baby I need u in me...
needless to say I laid him back on the sofa, removed his panties. spread his legs and started to lick his anus ... lovely... but I soon found out not a virgin ass..
MR asked for a finger fuck, then 2 , his cock was hard again and MRS began to suck him off, while MR sucked on her cunt.
Got up to 3 fingers in, but I really need to bust my nut.. so out came the ky and I lubed him up real good, some more lube on the rubber..I then lifted MR legs so I can best position myself.. MRS came next to me kissing and caressing myself and MR..
Then slowly I penetrated MR nicely lubed ass, inch by inch , and slowly began my rhythmic fuck.. MR was so hot and turned on my his first fuck he was shooting cum on himself.. lucky MRS was they to help lick it all up ..
this was all too much for me, I placed MRS legs over my shoulders and began to deep fuck him... after a few moments I was cumming .. strong bursts, I pulled out my cock and rubber enough for i last splurt to hit MR tummy.. I went down.. licking his balls, his shaft .. up to his stomach savouring my own cum up to his face were I gave him one hell of a kiss.. we were sucking tongues !
It was heaven..
soon though I realize that MRS is behind me.. licking my butt, I turned she had her strap on cock all ready... lol it wasnt for MR it was for me... I told her "fuck me slow and deep" but save some for MR ... he needs to fuck me too.

It was going to be a long pleasureable weekend in hatyai

MataKhan 105F

8/9/2006 11:00 am

Sayang times takes me ya

What a good times u have.

Keep up the writing


8/10/2006 7:30 am

Sounds like ya all will be friends a longgggg time {=}

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

Asian_SweetHart 45F
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8/10/2006 8:59 am

dang.. how come we never knew each other before this... only wanted to fulfil my BrokeBack Mountain Fantasy... LOL

But seriously, can we be friends so that i could go to hatyai with you? lol

Thanks for visiting my blog..... and yours is not bad either..

marathonman45202 53M
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10/22/2006 9:46 am

OMG! That was hot!

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