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2/14/2006 7:36 am

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Another year .. another valentines day ...
another price hike for flowers and for " special " menus for valentines dinner ...

Well this year at least I spent valentines at home.
The day before I managed to sneak a visit to my TS girlfriend who came to KL for a holiday with friends....
It was great to see her again after visiting her in Thailand last month.
I had asked her to dress in my favourite costume ... a cheerleader outfit , with white thong panties and matching bra .
When I got to her hotel room, I was so hard that I thought I would burst with excitement.She was all dolled up for me with a cold beer in hand , ( I love her !! ).
We kissed and she asked me to lay down on the bed relax and have my beer. I did just that .. she went on to remove my shoes/socks, unbuckled my belt and took off my trousers.... at that point my cock was peeking its head out of my underwear.. she kissed me again and went ahead and unbuttoned and removed my shirt.
She then began to lick me from my earlobes, down to my neck ,spent a good deal of time licking and nibbling my nipples .Then she removed my underwear and licking my thighs and down to my feet... I was in esctacy ..
She then took my cock in her mouth and pleasured me till i blew my load into her mouth... she coolly came up to me and we kissed my hot cum moving back and forth ... mmmm
I laid her back on the bed and began to lick and caress her breast while I jacked her already hard and hot cock. Just seeing her cock sticking out of her panties and short skirt got me an instant hard on..
I lifted her legs and moved aside her thong and gave her asshole a good tongue lashing, licking and sucking her balls she was moaning in pleasure...
I then began to lick her uncut cock from the head down to the balls.. soon after I gave her the sucking of her life jacking her cock and sucking at the same time.. I could taste her precum .. mmmmm tasty
I needed to fuck her
so lubed her asshole real nice n my cock... I placed her legs on my shoulders and I took the plunge.. got she is so tight... little by little got her used to my shaft I increased my pace till my balls were slapping her rear end.. and she was jacking her lovely cock ...we were doing this for while.. then I wanted her to ride me.. added more lube she slowly squatted on me and began the ride of her life.... seeing her lovely cock before me I started to jack her off... she was so hot in that outfit.
After a few minutes I could see that she was goin to cum.. so I thrust harder and jacked her faster till she screamed out and cummed gobes of sperm all over my belly and chest .. i couldnt take it either I pulled out and came on my belly awww the feeling was awesome.. my lovely ladyboy smiled at me and began to lick up all the cum and we kissed..... pure heaven .....
We lay in each others arms for a while then my girl said... "baby .. u must see my school uniform I buy"

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