Passion waiting to be Taken  

Nurse_Stormy 45F
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3/14/2006 10:06 am

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10/31/2007 1:13 am

Passion waiting to be Taken

It had been several weeks since I had seen my lover. He was a strong passionate man. A man that with one look could make you quiver. Yet he had a gentle touch, he could take his hands and glide them across my silky, soft skin and make me tremble with ecstasy. As I lay there waiting, in the candle lite for him I could hardly contain my anticipation. I had put on high heels and his favorite lacy red bra and thong. I was ready for him to take me and devourer my whole body, my scent, my soul. I heard The door slowly start to turn. I started to get more excited. I could feel goosebumps on my spine. I heard his soft voice call out my name. He came over to the bed and began running his lips up and down my neck. As he did a flood of emotions released within me. I took my hands and wrapped them around his neck, running them through his soft hair. He traced his lips up my neck to my lips and began passionately kissing me. First just a little nibble, as if just to give me a taste to tease me. Then he indulged me as our tongues met one another's. Our bodies met each others and became intertwined together as one. I could feel he had missed me as much as I had missed him. His growing excitement was quite evident at this point. He took my breast in his hands, carressed them softly, and kissed them with his lips. He then moved slowly down my waste. My breathing heightened as he moved lower. Kissing both my inner thighs. I was in ecstasy. He slid my red thong off of me. As he slid back up to meet my lips again, I could feel his manhood had swollen larger. I was ready for him to take me and he knew it. As we looked into each others eyes. We knew that we loved each other. We did not have to say it. We knew what the other one was thinking by just looking in the others eyes. It was a feeling of total bliss, of total happiness. As he took me as a man should take a woman. It was a magical feeling, almost electrical, like a firestorm of emotions had been released between us. It had been way to long, we both knew it, and we both knew we belonged together from that moment on.

rm_sabbath852 42M
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7/26/2006 11:06 pm

I remember feeling that way. Oh what a beutiful thing it was.
I still think about her, and probably will til I die..

rm_LoverofLife6 55M

8/2/2007 9:14 pm

Very gifted ... I'm impressed!

ILfarmboy423 54M

9/19/2007 6:03 am

When you find that special one, the one that brings on those awesome feelings, its GREAT! I have encountered that "special" one, and we parted ways before I could tell her how I felt. You have got to let them know, other wise, they will never know, and you wont know if they feel the same.

DailyPoiseBlurt 56M

10/19/2007 11:39 am

Magic is a great thing...too seldom does it strike...enjoy it now, girl!

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