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2/25/2006 1:36 am

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She snuck in the door quietly, it was early morning and he was fast asleep. She stripped off her clothes and slid quietly under the covers and snuggled up against him. He was so warm and inviting. She kissed his soft lips and his eyes fluttered and he smiled and she slid between his legs. He parted them wide for her and she looked up into his beautiful blue eyes and then sucked the head of his cock softly in her mouth. She hummed against it as her tongue wrapped itself around it , licking it over and over and sucking it in and out of her hot wet mouth. She heard him gasp and mutter "Oh Gawd". She loved to hear those words as she pulled him deeper into her waiting mouth, feeling the whole length of his hard cock as she swallowed him down her throat, deeper and deeper. He was moving now and mumbling more "Oh Gawds" and her mouth was relentless now as she sucked his hard cock. Her mouth was everywhere on it , her tongue swirling and sliding it in and out and her mouth sliding down the outside and back up the other. Teasing and tantalizing him with a burning desire. She knew he was enjoying every touch and she loved pleasuring him. She slid up on all fours and slid her mouth slowly down the length of his cock, feeling it in her throat and hearing him urge her to cum. She sucked it harder and started to feel her wetness drip as she started moaning out against his hardness, just the feeling of his hard manhood deep in her throat drove her crazy with desire. She started to spasm and knew she was going to cum hard so she slid over his leg and sucked him faster and her mouth tightened around him as she exploded all over his leg and she never missed a beat with his cock, up and down went her wet mouth and she could feel him get harder and knew his balls were tightening up and she wanted to taste him and feel his hot cum on her and she sucked him harder and faster as he urged her on now. "oh,baby!" She was relentless now her mouth was on fire as she set his cock ablaze with every stroke and she could feel him stiffened and she knew it was time...she pulled him out and held his cock as she guided its cum over her tongue, letting it run down her chin and licking the tip of his hard cock and hearing moan out. She was in heaven and she wanted more. She slid up next to him and kissed him deeply as they both shared the taste of him.MMmmmmmmmmmmm. He whispered in her ear that it was her turn and she was oh so wet and ready. He pulled out the restraints and tied her hands together over her head and then slid the thigh cuffs around her legs pulling her knees up to her breasts. She could see the twinkle in his eyes as he slid down between her thighs. She gasped as he kissed one thigh and then the other. His tongue was liquid fire against her body, bringing her senses on end. She could feel every little flick of his tongue and she was straining against her bonds. She was crying out as he flicked her clit and she was drowning him with each touch. He didn't care that she was soaking him and his bed. He just wanted more and more and he wasn't stopping. She was cumming over and over and over. She was panting so hard she was going to pass out. He slid his mouth over her hard clit and found that special little spot that he knew would send her over the edge. sucking and nibbling and licking now. He was taking her on a journey of no return. Her head was spinning and her whole body was trembling as he licked her over and over and she was crying out and he flicked that special spot as the stars appeared and she could no longer breath she passed out in a cloud of passion. But he never stopped, he just kept licking and when she came to he was bringing her to the next orgasm and the next and she couldn't stop squirting now. He had her in a stupor of bliss, if she died now it was heaven for sure. Her body was his to do with what he wanted and she could do nothing but comply with his every touch. He loved pleasuring her, her taste was so sweet and he needed more. She had passed out three times now and was breathing so hard, he mouth was so parched and she begged for a break. He raised up and smiled and made her cum again, making her scream out. Then he untied her and gave her a drink. She could barely hold the glass as she trembled. Her whole body was shaking and she was so satisfied. She pulled him to the floor and had him sit with his back against the bed, she bent down on all fours and backed up onto his hard cock. She moaned out as she took him all the way in. "Oh Gawd" she cried.She stopped just for a moment to feel him deep inside, letting her tight pussy enfold around him, then slowly she started to rock and take his cock in and out and in and out, building a rhythm of desire. She started to rock faster as he urged her on begging her to cum on his cock and she needed that. She rocked harder and harder as she cried out and she tightened up against him as she let loose and squirted all over his hard cock and balls. He was talking to her now , urging her to cum again to fuck his cock hard and she was slamming into him now, harder and harder and faster and faster as she was screaming out now, rocking hard against his cock she had to cum again and again, drowning his cock every time and making him so wet. She was almost exhausted now as she slowed and he pulled her up to the bed and asked her to get right on the edge on all fours. She kissed him deeply and could deny him nothing as she slid onto the bed for him. He slid his hard cock into her tight wet pussy and heard her cry out. He was so excited now, he wanted more and he knew how to get it as he started slowly to stroke her pussy with his cock. In and out , in and out, she was crying out with each stroke as he was driving her over the edge, he had to have more, needed it, wanted it and he fucked her harder and faster and she screamed out, louder and louder and he knew it was time as she arched her back and began to tremble and he slid his cock out and rubbed it against her hard clit and she squirted all over his cock, cum just gushing out and drowning him. He slid his hard cock back in again and again making her cum harder and harder and over and over taking her to the edge of insanity and back again. Then when his cock was so drenched with her cum he slid it slowly into her tight ass. She rocked back against him and urged him to be easy at first and he knew what she needed and he gave it to her slowly at first, little by little until she relaxed against him and only then did he start to stroke her ass with his hard cock. She was screaming out now as it felt so good and she was getting so close to cumming again. It was gonna be a hard cum as she rocked against his pounding cock and she screamed out as she squirted against his balls and he muttered another "Oh Gawd". She was shaking all over as he kept fucking her ass and he was so close now to cumming she started to urge him on with her words. "Cum on baby" " Cum hard for me " " Fuck that tight ass" and he moaned out as he squirted his hot cum deep in her tight ass. They were both so sated that collapsed on the bed and held each other. Soft lingering kisses and soft caresses escaped from them both and the two lovers were so happy as they drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

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3/9/2006 9:43 pm

and they all lived happy ever after untill the next hard on.I like your story giggles

gunner6200 61M  
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12/10/2006 1:30 pm

Intense, very intense Giggles....actually

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