Winding down  

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8/17/2006 8:50 pm

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Winding down

It was a stormy night. You could feel the tension in the air. She was so in need of some raw unabandoned sex. She knew just what she wanted and where she wanted it.
Her lover was unaware that she needed him so badly as she drove into the driveway. She had donned some black lacey underthings and sprayed just a touch of her favorite perfume in all the right places.
She was already wet as reached the door. She quietly slipped inside to surprise him. He had no idea she was there as she slipped her arms around his chest. He jumped as she had startled him, but he gave in quickly as she softly kissed his neck. She had a hunger she couldn't contain and she needed him badly. The thunder grew louder as she grew bolder, caressing and kissing his neck and slowly down his chest. She invited him with her eyes. Never speaking a word she led him to the bed. He sat on the edge as she undressed for him. Letting him take in every curve of her sensual body. She tilted her head back and moaned softly as she slid out of her clothes, standing in the soft light . Her desire was growing even more as she heard the storm getting closer.
She bent to undress her lover as her soft hair flowed gently against his hard manhood. She slid to the floor in front of him. Her eyes were hazy with lust now as she looked up at him. Her hands wrapped gently around his cock and she made mad passionate love to it, over and over she slid it in and out of her mouth. Teasing it, tantalizing it, setting it on fire with every lick of her hot wet tongue. She needed him with every fiber of her being and she stroked him with a wanton need, so hot so full of the hot wetness she needed to release. She provided him a pleasure he had never known before as her mouth did things he had only dreamed of, she brought him to the brink of release and then backed off so he could exhale and she slid his balls into her wet mouth pulling and tugging and sucking and licking them till he could stand it no longer.
He grabbed her hair, pulled her up from the floor and onto the bed . He spread her legs and kissed her thigh. She moaned out as his tongue hit the hard spot between her lips. She was so ready to explode and he was driving her crazy. Every lick and nibble had her crying out for more and she exploded as the storm hit full force.She was seeing bright flashes of light, not sure if it were the storm or just her body shattering into tiny lights as she came over and over again. Each time driving her into an oblivion of never ending desire. She had drowned the bed already, yet her hunger was still there as she needed him deep inside her. He dragged her to the edge of the bed and up on all fours as he stood beside the bed. He gently slid his hard cock deep into her tight pussy. She cried out as she took him all the way in. Oh God she muttered as he began slamming deeper and deeper into her and she just kept moaning louder and louder and he slid his cock out to feel her squirting hot juices all over his cock and he slid it back in as he grabbed her hair and pulled her harder against him, making her beg for him to fuck her harder and harder and she was moaning louder and louder as the lightning streaked and the thunder raged she came till she was exhausted. Her body spent from the lovemaking she desperately desired. She pulled her lover to the bed and snuggled against his shoulder, her leg across his. It started to rain as she drifted slowly off to sleep. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

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