It just gets better!  

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12/23/2005 3:10 am

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It just gets better!

Her lover and her were meeting every chance they got. They just couldn't get enough of each other. She was amazed. No one else in the world had ever made her feel the things he was doing to her. His smile made her all warm and fuzzy. The twinkle in his eye promised so much more. His touch was like everything she had ever dreamed about. She was so happy she had found what she had been searching for forever it seemed like. A man that was loving and caring and sharing and just the best in bed she had ever experienced.
She met him early one morning needing to feel his body next to hers. She snuck in the front door it was unlocked and she heard him in the bathroom brushing his teeth. She couldn't get enough of his beautiful body so she stood almost mesmerized as she watched his every move. he had no idea she was there and she was drinking him in. As he looked up a bit startled , a surprise and a wonderful one at that. He smiled and said Good morning baby. She just melted to that spot. His voice was deep and you could hear the want in it. She was so excited now, so warm and wet and the anticipation had her on edge. She gasped as he kissed her and she noticed his cock already hard, waiting and wanting her. She slid her hand down to feel it, Oh My God! she gasped. This was all hers now and she had to pleasure him. They kissed deeply and ran their hands over each others now very excited bodies. She led him into the bedroom and she quickly discarded her clothes. He was watching her and smiling and she knew she was just putty in his warm embrace. She gently laid him back as she kissed him once more and then slid between his legs, she knew she had to pleasure him to hear the words of pleasure excape his lips, to hear the moans and soft groans as her mouth worked wonders on his hard cock. She looked up into his eyes as he positioned himself high on his pillow to watch. The excitement was growing now as she dipped her mouth just around the head , she felt him move and groan as her warm wet mouth engulfed his head. She knew now he was hers to do with what she wanted and what she wanted was to make love to that beautiful cock, to hear her lover moan as she pleasured him like no other. Her mouth was like a liquid fire as she ran it all over his cock, down one side and back up the other.She could feel his body reacting with every little touch. The fire in her mouth was setting him ablaze with feelings he had never known. Her mouth was everywhere now, licking and sucking and teasing him. She sucked on his taut balls to hear him gasp and beg for more. She loved touching him. her hands were all over his cock, pulling him deeper and twisting and turning this way and that, trying to find the right buttons to push. The fire in her mouth was driving him crazy as he thrashed about the bed and thrust deeper into the dark recesses of her throat. She moaned out now as she needed to cum. The taste the feel of him was driving her crazy as she sucked him deeper and faster, she started to moan out loud now as she felt the vibrations of her mouth on his hard cock. She needed him, wanted him ,had to have him now. She was squiming and screaming against his cock as she started to shudder, Oh My God. She was squirting hard now. Never before had she ever drowned a bed like this. His hard cock in her mouth was driving her deeper into a world of no return and she needed to taste him now as she wrapped her hands tightly around his balls now. She thrust her mouth deeper onto his cock and harder and faster as he moaned and wiggled beneath her. She felt his balls getting tighter and knew he was close as she was dripping wet. Her mouth was everywhere now and her hands had joined the journey of no return. He started to shudder and beg. She could hear his words beneath her mouth. Oh my God! He was almost incoherent now as she knew it was time. She had brought him the ultimate pleasure as she thrust his cock deeper and faster in her hot wet mouth and she felt him start to shudder and she grasped him again and slowed her rhythm as he started to squirt in her mouth. She realized she loved this man like no other and she needed him , his touch and his love and she tasted him, over and over again. He sighed and relaxed and she looked into his beautiful eyes and knew she had pleasured him. She slid up in the crook of his arm and saw his sated smile and kissed him softly. She gently caressed his cheek, her soft hands exploring his face and chest. HMMMMmmmmm, she sighed. Then he whispered in her ear. Its my turn he muttered. She was astounded and excited all in the same breath. She knew his tongue was relentless and she was so ready. She smiled back at him and positioned herself on the bed. Softly, he kissed her thigh, and she inhaled so deeply, knowing this was the beginning of a journey she would savor and never forget. He dipped his head to lick her clit and she gasped. Oh My God! those words escaped her lips more times now than she had ever known. Her lover was so talented ad he could always find the right little spots and he was relentless with her as he made her cum over and over and over. She was clawing the sheets now, grasping at the headboard, screaming his name as his mouth was taking her on journeys she never knew existed. her head was spinning , her body tingling all over and she just kept coming. Her mouth was so parched now she needed some substance to drink but she didn't care, she was slowly dying a death of passion that she could only dream existed out there somewhere and she had found it. Her body was reacting to his licks and little sucks and he knew he was driving her beyond reason and he was counting her orgasms silently as he confessed later. My darlin I lost count at 42. She remembered now she laughed at that because no one had ever counted before. The bed was so wet and he didn't care He just licked more and sucked more and probed his fingers deep within her tight pussy.He was driving her crazy as her body tingled and shuddered over and over . This had to be heaven. There was no other feeling on earth like she was having and her body was reeling with pleasure. Even her lips tingled from his touch down there. No place on her body wasn't experiencing the pleasure . She was his.She couldn't believe it, it was getting better each time and she was falling deeper in love with this man of her dreams. How can it just get better? She drifted off to sleep in his warm wonderful strong arms and dreamed of him beside her forever.

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1/5/2006 10:28 pm

what a very lovely, erotic story. Made me very erect just imagining being in it!

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