Early Morning Ideas  

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3/6/2006 3:50 am

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Early Morning Ideas

I guess since I am a early morning riser that explains why I am always awake at this time. I was born at 5:29 am and its almost that time. My time clock just keeps me ticking away in the morning. Well enough worthless information. I have been toying with some stuff for a new story so here goes.
She was feeling awfully horny as she got out of bed that morning. Almost giddy as she touched herself, wet as usual and needing be touched. She picked up the phone and called a friend. "Where are you working today?" she asked. He answered "Out of town but I will be back in a bit, wanna meet me at the park?" She was excited now all kinds of ideas bounced through her head. She checked the weather and it was certainly nice out. She had purchased a nice leather skirt last year, it still had not been worn. She dug through a draw searching for just the right stuff. It was getting close to time to leave and she peered once more at herself in the mirror, she was really going to do this. her sense of adventure was getting the best of her. She arrived at the park before him. It was deserted, no one there so she parked up on a hill so she could see if anyone entered and she waited. It wasn't long till she saw his truck coming up the road and she breathed deep. He pulled up beside her and she got out. She knew he was looking her up and down and then his eyes met hers and he told her nice she looked. He just kept starring at her as she led him up to the picnic area. He was dressed in jeans and a tshirt and he had the look of someone that had sweated hard that morning. She was intoxicated by his smell and she knew just how to flirt with him. She climbed up on the table and sat down in front of him. She had worn that leather skirt with a pair of leather boots and a pair of black silk stockings, no panties today she was feeling very devilish, her shirt was sheer black and she chose no bra either. He bent to kiss her and she pulled him closer. The kisses were long and deep and she was getting so wet. She guided his hand between her legs and he smiled as he touched her wetness. He looked up at her surprised that she was bare there. But she just moaned at his touch and he seated himself in front of her pushing her back on the concrete table. He parted her thighs and teased her clit with his tongue. She loved to feel him and she moaned again. She needed release and her body was on fire. She pushed up and asked him if he had a blanket and he did have a drop cloth in his truck so they spread it on the ground right there in the open and he pulled her skirt up and dove right in and as his tongue teased her again she came hard, squirting hot juices all over and he didn't stop, he just kept teasing her and she couldn't stop cumming, over and over she was drowning him in her hot wetness. She was just trembling now as she guided him back to the table and she sat him up on top and she slid her hot wet mouth over his trembling cock. She pleasured him like no other, licking and sucking and stroking him with her hot mouth. Over and over she heard him gasp as she pleasured him with her soft mouth. She knew he was close and she didn't want to stop, so she pulled him and checked the road to make sure there was no audience yet and she slid up to bend over the table and invited him to join her party. He slid his hard cock deep into her pussy and she gasped out. He began to stroke her slowly at first, letting her feel the length of his hardness and she was almost purring now. It felt so good and she was telling him so. But she needed it now , hard and fast, and she was begging him now. Harder, faster, fuck me , oh gawd, and other words he couldn't quite hear. He increased his speed and was slamming her hard ad fast and she was screaming out now. " Oh, gawd, baby" "Yes Yes" and she was getting close as her body started to shudder, he could feel her clamp down hard on his cock and her back kinda bowed down and he knew he wanted her bad. He pounded her hard as she cried out and her juices just shot so hard they drowned his balls with warm wetness and he was cumming with her as his body jerked with spasms and he was smiling now and breathing hard as he leaned against her nice ass. Wow what a lunch date he had had. He pulled her up and she straightened her leather skirt and kissed him once again. Had she truly did this she wondered as she drove away from the park. She had and it was awesome.

rm_sccboy 55M
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3/7/2006 9:23 pm

I loved your story and found it entertaining and very aroussing please keep writing

rm_guyinar 43M
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3/18/2006 2:55 pm

I thought it was a great erotic, arousing story. Definitely keep writing, you are very good.

kissnfun3 58M/52F
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3/27/2006 4:19 pm

mmmmmmmm giggles, I'm thinking I should have read this some time when Billy was home lol. Thanks for the hot story!! This is the first I've noticed you had a blog up. Keep up the good work.
See ya gf.

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