Chapter 5  

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Chapter 5

We met in a quiet parking lot to talk and say hi. I recognized him as soon as he pulled up ,he looked just like his picture. He smiled as he got into the car. We chit chatted and each of us touched the other. Just a hand against mine or my hand against his leg. It was really raining that night and he had to put some stuff in storage so he asked me to follow him so we could talk more. We pulled into the dimly lit storage facility. The rain was really coming down but the pitter patter against the roof of the car was so relaxing. He slid into the seat beside me and we talked some more about our likes and dislikes and he reached over and kissed me. It was a nice kiss...sort of warm and soft and I kissed him back. I felt like a teenager again as memories of making out in a car flooded through my mind. I couldn't believe I was even considering it but the attraction was there. The soft twinkle in his eye and the way he smiled. I just wanted to melt. He asked if I would slip into the back seat where would have more room. It seemed a good idea at the time. He suckled my breasts and kissed my neck, driving me crazy as I knew I could cum at any given moment. I was so hot , I was on fire. He unbuttoned his shirt and slid his oh so hard cock out of his pants. I licked my lips as I stared at his hard cock. it was so delicious looking. I had to touch it , taste it make it mine if only for a little time. I slid to the floor on my knees as I looked up into his eyes I slid my hot wet mouth just over the tip, teasing and tantalizing, rolling it around the roof of my mouth. Mmmmmmm, as I moaned against the hardness, I pulled his cock deeper and deeper into my throat, over and over I tasted his maleness. My mouth was everywhere, milking his hardness as my tongue swirled up and down and all around. I could hear his urges to suck it harder and that it felt like no other. His urges were making me so wet. I had to pleasure him more and more. My mouth glided up and down and harder and harder and then I slowed to slip my mouth slowly down one side and back up the other....and then I dipped down to pleasure his balls. they were so tight and full and I knew I had to taste his cum as my devoured every inch of that fine hard cock....I could hear him moan out and I knew it was time as I had him in my mouth, sucking and teasing and milking it. I could feel him start to shudder and sucked slowly now all the way to base making sure he knew I was ready to taste him. He cried out and came so hard as I felt his warmth fill my mouth, I slowed to a gentle lick and savored every yummy. I raised to kiss his sweet mouth once more and he whispered in my ear. Oh baby that was the best I have ever had and I was like so sated that I had pleased him so well. We parted ways with a promise of more pleasure.

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That was so hot i liked that. 158182

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