Chapter 2  

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Chapter 2

The kiss is a slow tender warm wet tingling kiss. She knows her passion isn't over yet. As he lays her gently on the bed. He slides on top of her. The electricity between them the two of them has started again. She gasps as he kisses her neck, arching upward to feel his warm body against hers. The kisses on her neck make her melt, she can feel her pussy throbbing now. The aching, the wanting the desire so great again. She lies back in ecstacy as she feels her body responding to each little touch. Her lover is wonderful. He kisses each tiny little crevice of her neck before stopping to pay attention to the hollow in her shoulders. He is driving her crazy with the gentle kisses, so soft yet so mind boggling as her head is reeling with pleasures. The excitement is so heated now as she runs her fingers through his soft hair pulling him closer to her. Their bodies are on fire with a new need, a new want, a new desire. The flames of passion are becoming hotter and hotter. She moans softly ohhhhhhh, a sweet soft moan escaping her lips as he causes frenzy with her soft curveous body. He pays homage to her nipples, making them so taut as he gently nibbles first one then the other making them stand up and salute to his attention, her pussy juices flowing already, she can feel the warm wetness running down the crack of her ass as he kneads her breasts, he is so hungry now and she has the delicious nectar he so seeks. Her moans are coming becoming louder and her body has a will of its own now. His touch is driving her crazy with his want. His hands, his lips , his mouth are everywhere now. She is definitely a slave to his passion. Her body is on fire, each kiss sets off a new tremor of liquid fire throughout her body. He is kissing his way down her tummy , his hands softly running the length of her hips as he mouth engulfs new territory, causing more spasms. Anticipation is hers, she is in a world of lights, a world of desire, passion , hot burning love. She is wrenching her head side to side now, begging for release as she feels his breath just above her throbbing bud. She arches upward, her nails digging into the sheets as his mouth sucks her into oblivion. She cries out. Oh god, she is begging him now. His mouth is the master of her destiny as he slips a finger inside her, to gently rub that little rough patch as his mouth is swirling over her clit. Bringing her to the brink of desire. She is so wet he can hardly believe his luck, a woman who can ejaculate just like him, only she can cum so often with his touch that he can't stop himself. His mouth tastes her sweetness, her wetness as it gushes out, she is crying out , urging him onward begging him for more and more and more. She is drowning in a pssion she never knew existed. Her lover is bringing her to new heights and he is relentless in his desire to pleasure her. She can't stop squirting, over and over he is bringing pleasure..drowning him in a warm wet pleasure he never knew it existed. He had only heard the stories and now he had a lover that could fulfill his every desire. She was so vocal, so sexy as she moaned and called his name. He had to have more. She was almost in a stupor with his touch and he loved knowing he was making her dreams come true in more ways than one. She is so wet and warm that she was almost passing out from the waves of pleasure. He had to have her now. His cock is so hard now . Its throbbing and burning, as he wants her now, needs her now, He has to have his hard cock deep inside that wonderful wetness. He turns her over urging her to the end of the bed and on all fours. He stands at the foot of the bed. His manhood sticking out now, trying to remember when he had wanted a woman as much as he did now. He craved her body, her touch her warm sense of wetness. He teased her with the tip of his cock now..God she was so wet, He could feel the juices still trickling out, tasting her on his lips and knowing he had to have her. He thrust slowing into her pussy. It was so tight, tighter than any had ever known. It just swallowed him up, pulling him deeper inside, he had to have his passion quelled. He started to slide in and out as he heard her gasp each time and then she started to rock against him urging him deeper and deeper and he was moaning as loudly as she was now. Their rocking was a rthymic dance of desire they both needed, wanted had to have each other.. The excitement was electric throughout the room, none existed in their world but them as one. He began to thrust harder and deeeper making her scream out now.. Oh GOD!!!.. She was so ready for him now. She was cumming in waves her pussy muscles clenching his cock, releasing and tightening , the warm wetness flowing freely over his cock , urging him deeper and deeper, It was a frenzy of lovemaking now. He had to have this woman for his own as he drove her deeper into the realm of passion. He was starting to throb harder as her screams were urging him so deep and her tightness was puling him on a journey of no return. He was starting to spasm with her now as he knew a pleasure like no other. His cock spurting his own warm juices to mix with hers as he was almost exhausted with a feeling like no other. He could feel her starting to relax beneath him as he turned her over and kissed her again. He urged her back up on the bed and she surprised him by whispering into his ear. He could see the passion in her eyes as he knew now the night was only beginning. She snuggled into the crook of his arm running her oh so soft hand up and down his chest, the feelings of afterglow were so strong ,the touching and tingling of their bodies as one . He could feel her leg against his, her foot wandering up and down his leg. She looks up into his eyes, he can see the depth of her blue eyes renewed with passion , he can hardly believe it. Anyone, interested in chapter 3?

rm_Tall_Ark_Guy 55M

11/7/2005 7:04 am

DAMN! Change your name from "NurseGiggles" to "NaughtyNursePleasures" or something! Great Chapter, Giggles! I especially liked the continual build-up of passion and the fact that it was both very HOT and explicit... BUT also kept a sense of romance and intimacy throughout. Gave me a "stiffy", for SURE! The only part that had me thinking that I would have done anything differently...was at the end when he finished fucking her from behind. I would have rolled her back over onto her back...and gently licked her pussy again briefly before kissing my way back up her body and cuddling beside her...and kissing her so that each one of us could taste our passion together...but that's just ME! Just give me 20 minutes to recuperate from Chapter 2...and then I'll be ready for Chapter 3!

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