A nice time  

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11/20/2005 9:09 pm

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A nice time

I often wondered about the swingers groups. You know how the work..who goes to them. I used to think you had to be a real pervie to be in one of those clubs, that is until a friend of mine convinced me to join one. I was so curious. I had never been to a party of any kind . I had lead a very sheltered life. But my whole life changed at 35. I had a hysterectomy and I wanted, needed sex alot. Every waking hour I had thoughts of it, I bought vibes, toys and I experimented, boy did I. I was a horny wench. You see I became one of those pervies at the parties . *LOL* I went and watched. Everyone seemed to be having fun. Laughing and talking and dancing even. I didn't see any fucking or sucking or anything. I thought wow what a bummer. But then I realized these people were making friends and there was a motel. But still no one wanted to play with a single straight female. *sighs* Sure I got offers from guys..with a notation don't tell my wife. I thought what the hey...thats not how it works either. Then I decided a partner would be nice. Boy was I right. We got an invite from a cool couple. I had never had sex with another couple. I was definitely nervous. I kept thinking what if this woman wants to do me...but then we just switched partners and I made her hubby sit up and say wow. How exciting.. My first foursome. We played several times with this couple and as we got comfy I even let this lady go down on me. I can hardly believe that myself. But it was fun so I reciprocated. Learned I can make both sides of the fence wet. But that group fell apart and everyone moved on. I went back to my toys and phonesex. But out of the blue then I met a new friend and he told me there was this group in town. I of course joined immediately. I took my g/f to the first party ith me. She had never been. Boy was she in for fun. We met all the locals and then some out of towners. It was awesome. My friend is hooked. She had a blast..wet tshirt contest and all. I met a guy there my second party. He is the sweetest nicest guy ever and talk about sex...oh no one did but me . He is an absolutely wonderful lover. I think I may keep him. That is if he lets me. I haven't played with any other group members. I guess I need to make nicer...cuz no one has invited me yet. But hey there is always the next party and love you guys.

rm_wellshouldi 53M

11/20/2005 10:32 pm

glad youlook to have found what you needed.

mark xx

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