What to do about Chelsea  

NukeLaloosh34 44M
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9/5/2006 2:37 pm
What to do about Chelsea

I met Chelsea just before the summer it seems. She was in one of the chat rooms, and so I struck up a conversation. We both lived in the same town, and she invited me over that night, sight unseen. To much pleasure, she was hot. She has nice big breats, a nice ass, and a beautiful face. That first night, was that night of the month, so she said she would just take care of me. 20 minutes into her deep throating my cock, I was so aroused that I had to fuck her regardless of the mess to ensue. We had an unbelievable night of sex. She even wanted me to give her first anal experience. That night turned out to be too painful, so we stopped. She and I have continued to see each other off and on since then with some amazing sex mixed in. She and I have a good chemistry in the bedroom. I have begun to feel guilty though. Because our love making is so infrequent, it has started to feel awkward for me. Don't get me wrong, I love fucking this woman. We even successfully got the entire cock in her ass the last time, with sufficient lube. My fear is that she may eventually want more, and I am not sure I can. But I also feel like I should see her more than I do. How do I express my interest without ruining what we have?

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