Through No Road, Shalt Thou Whither  

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6/7/2006 11:33 pm

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Through No Road, Shalt Thou Whither

A particular phrase, I had read long Ago; A Title of a story where a Man travelling in the midst of Winter's Embrace, through Forests Dark & entwined, encounters crossroads at a clearing, leading to numerous Paths.

Metaphorically, One could consider this a Point in Life, as I Do. Myself, I have authored numerous Stories, Poems, Speeches, some in publication . As such, I readily & easily interpret the message & meaning conveyed in Literature, Classic and Otherwise.

I have meandered for Long, through My own Forests, be they Physical, Mental, or some other euphemism attached. I find Myself again, at another Juncture, concerning Decisions that Must be made. Which Path Shall I Whither ? Once Embarked, will I be able to retrace My Own Footsteps, if Lost ?

Those Who Know Me, Understand that My Plate in Real Life is FULL , & Piled HIGH ! Between 2 Jobs, Veteran / Military Issues, Germany, Official Correspondence with Gov't Leaders, EU Immigration,testing of Loyalties,Writings, Research, I can sometimes be overwhelmed with a myriad of Paperwork that continually grows each passing Day.

Events, People,Places , All have a Bearing & Effect upon each of Us, How We choose to handle them is different & Unique amongst the individual.

My Miltary Service has been brought to the forefront, in light of the recent VA Identity theft scandal. It is an Issue that I do not like to visit, for My Reasons Alone. Portions of My Service Record are not viewable, for valid reasons, by Anyone except in HIGH Authority, & only with a Need-to_Know basis. safeguards were assured to Me years ago, but I have recently found this to be not the case.

I say this only because I am currently exercising " Damage Control" to prevent any further disclosure, & In the hopes that those Who do know Me, will not think differently about Me, if they chance upon certain stories linked with My Name / Face.that may or may not have been published. I am still investigating further.

I was another Person, in the Service of Flag & Country, years ago. I left that behind the Day I signed my Discharge papers.

I like to Believe, in the past 13 years since then , I have Changed & Evolved into a better Person, wanting only to Pursue My Own Courses of Happiness, in what I Truly Believe In,Now ;

This is where the Impasse has presented Itself ;
Others wish more & different of Me , to revisit a Personage that I Swore would Never surface again. I could follow that Path, knowing well ahead where it Lies, as it has been Trodden before.

Yet, a Path has been laid bare, unexplored,unknown .Its signs & markers, clear & concise in the Distance , showing the End Destination. This Path would Allow & Permit, all Past Travails, Troubles Present, to be erradicated. Yet, Prices are attached to set forth Upon this Road.

If I do not respond to anyone: Friend , Associate, Otherwise in Timely Fashion, have no Worry, For I am in Deep Contemplation as to which Road Shalt I Whither.

Whispersoftly5 52F
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6/14/2006 6:43 pm

Great post! Thanks for sharing. It's always interesting to consider our choices, the trade-offs, ramifications and what they may represent. Your life sounds full and interesting. My thoughts are with you while you're in contemplation and always.

Best wishes!!!


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