Meine Freundin. Verloren. keine Dauer haben, Bitte.  

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6/29/2006 10:47 pm

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7/4/2006 9:14 pm

Meine Freundin. Verloren. keine Dauer haben, Bitte.

My Friend . Lost. Not Forever, Please.

I Know that eventually You will Read this.

I cannot Imagine for One Moment: The Travails,Problems, Myriads, that You are Experiencing. The Dragons that Encircle . For it is Not Your Nature to Disclose & Reveal, as this was Understood from the Onset, albeit Respected & Honored.

The Beginning for Us showed Promise, in Many Forms. Your Beauty could not be Denied; Your Mind, Intellect, Captivating My Senses. Your Voice Alone, was the Lorelei's Song for this Old Sailor. Your Complete Comprehension of Myself, Snared My Attentions toward You Further,"Weiter".

You Understand Many Things. I as well . I had already fully realized, from the Moment I handed You the Rose, that Your Heart would not be Mine.

Even though We indulged Ourselves to Brief Encounters minimally, There was More to it than just the Physical. Emotions Never Surfaced, You & I, Perhaps Thankfully, as this was not Our Lot to Give in the first Place. Hearts Both, Never to Interfere.

But Something; Beyond Measure, & Description of Mine Own Lexicon; Something, That Held Me in Utter Abeyance,Peacefully. Something, that Lured the last Wolf of Fimbulvetr, from Winter's Embrace. Something, Razed My "Iron Will" .

Perhaps it was the Aforementioned, Perhaps Else;

Ich weiß nicht recht.

Perhaps peering into My Blue Eyes , revealed More than I ever verbalized. Perhaps the Unknown Compulsion to Verbalize to You, Alein, deterred further concordance, in Revealing More of My True Self, than Required.

Perhaps, What You have Said, is True & correct. It has Nothing to do with Me, At All. If So, Meine Schätze Freundin, I Fail Miserably to See, the Severance of Our Most Intimate form of Communication We Shared. Truly, it brought Welcome Moments of Happiness, & Playful Teasing.

Perhaps There is More. Much More that I will Never Know . Perhaps the Exposure of Our Realities, within such Incalculable, Unforeseen Proximity, led to the Moment, where We are Now.

I had Sensed something Amiss, the last We Spoke weeks ago. To its Content, I Know not. Still, Felt in Your Voice.

The Day You Returned, Eyes Cast briefly upon another, No Words Came, from Either of Us. The Look upon You, told of Something, Only You can Elucidate upon. Again, Not Your Lot to Bare.

Ich verstehen .

All That I Ask, The Only Thing, I Ask, is this:

Do Not Spend Your Time, in Winter, Ewig ; It is a Cold, Foreboding, Diminishing, Place.

Ich weiß. auswendig wissen. Ich weiß.

Know of Sunshine, in Future hopefully Soon. May All that Troubles You, Be Dispatched .

My Only Wish, for Myself, is that before My Inevitable Departure, as You had probably already surmised, is to Hear Your Voice, noch einmal.

To Cast, Meine Augen Blau, into Your Own.

To Touch, the Skin of Cinnamon Sugar. One Last Time.

A Kiss. So that I May Remember, How to Forget.

Come What May, I Shall Remain,

Ihre Schätze Freund

Im Herz,


Whispersoftly5 51F
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7/2/2006 1:19 pm

(((HUGS))) to you sweetie. Whisper...

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