Bare Pickings in Sac  

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4/20/2006 6:32 am

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Bare Pickings in Sac

Although I have had the good fortune of only a few encounters so far, I have found on the whole a lot of individuals in the area, not taking that "last step" of initiating contact, i.e. , e-mails, phone,meet, etc. A lot of people are "looky-loo's ", & that's fine; After all, I love to show off, & I have 100's of pics to share, but I Love to show off in person to those who appreciate the beauty,comfort, & practicality of being Nude.

I have 2 good friends so far in this area,& would definitely like to expand that circle. In addition to my bare skin, I do have a lot more to offer others. I easily engage in conversation with others, especially on an intellectual level.
I,ve been fortunate to have travelled the world several times over, exploring everything new & expanding My knowledge. I'm highly skilled in several trades & occupations, but I do enjoy the Freedom of an irregular schedule when I do perform in adult films, or Modeling. If I was ever able to find 9-5 employment where Nudity was permitted, that would be an ultimate dream job for Me.

I am extremely comfortable in my skin, in virtually any surrounding,environment, or setting. I can easily go from an all-out orgy,lasting an evening, to visiting friends all day whilst Nude & everyone else clothed,without any sexual intent.

I am a Streaker, I LOVE TO STREAK!!!! a majority of photos were taken of Me while Streaking. I would love to see the fad come back as a whole.
I'm always on the lookout for new places/settings where I can strip & walk around naked,or even jogging. I do it more for the comfort of feeling the air upon Me more than anything else. I am cautious & prudent when I Streak, ensuring not to attract unwanted attention.

I will be sharing more of My Self, My adventures, & My Experiences on this blog. Perhaps something of this will pique your interest, in at least gaining a new(nude) friend, perhaps more.

Whispersoftly5 52F
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6/4/2006 2:06 pm

Hello and thank you for the comment you left at my blog and for joining my network.

I'm glad you're participating my challenge and wish both of us luck!

I want to take you up on your challenge to me and in doing so will also read your ad and view your pictures. I thought it would be a good idea though to start here and I think I was right. I enjoyed this post very much. It conveys a lot about you and it's all positive.

I've never streaked, as you have. However, recently I had an idea for a photo where I would be standing naked in front of a stop light. I think it may be very fun when the light turns green to run or walk down the street naked. LOL! I love the idea of it anyway.

Again, thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments. I look forward to discovering more about you.


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