Wine Snobs and Snobs  

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11/12/2005 6:35 am

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Wine Snobs and Snobs

Last night, I went out with work friends to Vinotecca in Royal Oak. Its a wine bar attached to Bastones and Habana on Main at 5th. I have to say, I'm not Mr. Fancy or anything, but I had a great time. I stuck to a Gloria Ferrer Pinot Noir and some friends, who knew a lot more about wine than I do, let me in on the concepts of tannins, legs, and the various flavors you can catch hints of as you inhale while you swallow the wine. Apparently, while the wine is mellow and nice, its pretty simple with barely any outside tastes; maybe a little blackberry, pepper and chocolate. Okay, I got the chocolate but that may have been the power of suggestion. Anyway, it was cool playing "wine snob".

The most entertaining part of the night was listening to the girls in the group rip on everyone around them. I know guys can be just as bad but it was the girls' turn tonight. People- watching is definitely something they're good at, and they could spot the couple that was going to have eachother's clothes off as soon as they could finish their plates and get out of there (later, that same couple started making out at the table). Or the couple that was on its first date, and how, in their opinion, because the woman's legs were crossed away from the man, she probably wasn't in to him. Never mind that they were shoved in a corner and she was leaning in toward him, while both of them had that overly-friendly loud sales-pitch banter going on. There was also the table of six girls, with one loud one dominating the conversation while the girl next to her feigned interest as she contemplated the cieling tiles. It only got tiring when our table started ripping on physical features or deciding, "she's a skank - you can just tell". That was a bummer.

Strange how you can engage in what I would consider a pretty mature activity and still make it juvenile.

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