L.A. Weekend  

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10/24/2005 6:19 pm

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L.A. Weekend

For whatever reason, this post was just blocked so I'm re-editing it. I don't know if some computer does it or a real live body does it but the fact that I name a few well-known bars is not a solicitation. Anyway, here is what I wrote before...

Yes, there is nothing like the LA scene. I have never seen so much affluence and image dripping off people in my life. From snooty clubs to throwback hair metal bars, it was wall-to-wall beautiful people. I got to see Sherman Oakes, which is where my buddy lives and is the main location of today's porn industry - not my friends' place, you sickos, I'm talking abou the town!

We checked out everywhere; Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, Downtown and took some wild runs along the curvy Mulholland Drive. What a trip; sports cars you'd only see in movies, hilltop mansions complete with compound, and of course plastic surgery at every glance. The music scene is a far cry from Detroit. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that it sucks for the most part. The Rainbow Lounge was the epitome of '80s rock and there was no shortage of people decked out in spandex and living in the past. The Viper Room was okay but the Roxy and the Whiskey A Go Go were already closed by 1 a.m. (how lame is that?) We couldn't get into the Troubadour but checked out some of the smaller name places and found equally bad music. Regardless, I had a great time with friends and would go back in a heartbeat - hopefully for a longer and more debaucherous visit next time. I will maintain that the red-eye flight really does suck and going straight from the airport to work will probably not happen again. Peace

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