Gravel in my brain  

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10/16/2005 9:52 am

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Gravel in my brain

Ah, the morning after two late nights of bars, bands and friends. I cannot say how much fun I had. What a great time catching up with people I haven't seen in a long time. Downside is I always end up smoking too much on at these things and, regardless of how little I drink, waking up with a head full of gravel.

Friday's excursion to the Magic Stick was exactly as I painted it; lots of mod-poseurs prancing around on the garage rock scene. One of the opening bands playing was an all-girl group with a tight sound and lots of talent but not necessarily my style (and their singer, a thin little redhead in a '60s plaid dress was so damned cute). The headliners, SSM, did nothing for me - silly experimental music. So we headed over to Small's Lounge in Hamtramck to meet up with "the girls".

"The girls" are a lesbian couple that are pals with my buddy. I've always liked lesbians on a social level. They're generally candid and there is no pretense about anything happening between you and them, plus you can compare notes on the other ladies at the bar. M and J were no exception, and though it was my first time meeting them, it felt like we were old friends. The strange thing is that they're very "hands-on" when it comes to affection and I kind of liked being lounged on by these two cuties. Sorry folks, this doesn't turn into a Penthouse forum story. But the night went long and we had a great breakfast together at Clocks. I'll see more of them, I'm sure. J does construction and I am hoping to recruit her for help with some home improvement.

Last night was a mind-bender at the 2500 Club at Henry and Park in the not-so-nice part of Downtown Detroit. The Detroit Roller Derby Girls are bad ass and very, very hot. They'll be doing their first bout here pretty soon at St. Andrews. A friend of mine does artwork for them and it was a packed house. Broadzilla never sounded better and I enjoyed the Bombpops and the Dragstrippers too. Lots of leather, a dunk-tank to raise funds for the girls, fire eaters, and really good people doing what they do best - partying. I even got propositioned by a friend of B's but she did not do it for me physically so I declined (I'm such a master of restraint, or is that restraints?).

I made some invites to folks from this site but don't know if any of you showed up - too bad, your loss, haha.

I'm now starting to get bites on this site. I've already lost track of how many e-mails I've sent.

E-mails received: 4
Winks: 1 (we crashed and burned after an IM session; she wants a boyfriend, too bad)
Bogus E-mails: 2

rm_Screw696969 41M/37F

10/16/2005 4:20 pm

Well, sounds like you had a really fun & eventful weekend. I'm jealous - I worked all weekend. LOL. So I guess now I know who to hit up for all the hot spots if I ever visit Detriot huh? LOL

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