Try a Little Kink  

Novaunbound 42M
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3/17/2006 10:01 pm
Try a Little Kink

Tonights blog is brought to you by the letter in kink

I find myself meandering my way through profiles, some amusing, some mundane, some intriguing, but, the ones that strike me the most are the ones that are open enough to say they have some kink to them.

I am not sure how or when kink became a dirty or taboo word, but, it certainly seems to have that connotation these days.....and, I have to ponder why?

Why is it that, those of us that chose to deviate from the societal norms are deemed as being on the fringe? When did conformity become the standard we need to aspire to? For those of you that lead your lives, trying perpetually to conform to societal norms, I do feel sorry for you.....and, more so if you drag that into your sexual lives.

I say embrace being different. Got a fetish - share it with your partner. Got something you've always wanted to try - mention it to the one you are with. A fantasy that is off the beaten path or a little darker than norm - get it out there. I think if more folks would do this, we'd all walk away happier....and, guess what, for all the kink you have, for all the strange, less conventional things you may want or aspire to, there is likely someone out there just like you, that is into exactly the same things.....don't believe me, I DARE you to modify your profile to include your crazy kink, bet it would lead to many of you finding partners closer to what you need.

Embrace and promote your kink I say, while you continue to work to free yourself of the binds.....

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