Poem (written Aug. '06)  

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8/23/2006 7:44 am

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Poem (written Aug. '06)

Memories of Being With You

The sensation of
Your touch
Your mouth against mine
Your body pressed into mine
As our tongues dance together

The taste of
Your lips and tongue
Your nipples
And your sweet throbbing clit
As I put my mouth all over your body

The feeling of nirvana
When I kiss you
When I touch you
When I hold you
As my Lingam enters your Yoni

The ecstacy of
Entering you again and again
Feeling you engulf me smooth and wet
Giving you wave after wave of pleasure
As I plunge into you deeper and deeper

The cornucopia of delights
From feeling your legs wrapped around me
From making you satisfied
From emptying myself into you
As our bodies meld together as one

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