My first time with a lesbian  

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10/31/2005 11:51 am

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My first time with a lesbian

Oh is it crazy or is it silly. Don't I have morals and values? Or does phycial fun more important. And I still remember that first night of threesome as it happened. We can talk and talk and she's a lesbian as delicious and short hair as fun as it can be. I like short hair and wish that my boyfriend has even shorter hair. I like to rub and feel my hand on top of the head. the roughness and the feeling is strange to describe. So my "punk-girl" has short hair. And we met in this restaurant in Chinatown. She's a lover of exotic foods but not a big eater. She smiles looking at me, she is nervous but anxious. She wants something like a child not knowing how to ask his parents how to get the treat. Perhaps a child would not take that rejection well. But she knows that through her eyes and through these dating sites that we have chosen her.

There are two particular good reasons why we chose her. She's a lesbian and that's a skill side and a love and desire for me first. Oh, sorry boyfriend, but this is my treat and secondly, she's sad form her breakup and wanted nothing but a good sex for the moment, oh the naughtier. So we had a good talk and a good laugh at the place. Too bad no alcohol in these quick-eating restaurants where the decor is a nightmare for my decor expert friend. As she left for the washroom, my boyfriend asked: "So what's your call?". "Yeah, we can go for her", I said. "How, about we simply ask her to come over and we give her a massage to get you used to it, and no sex?", he suggested with a smile that tells a long story to come.

So we went to the car, giving her a lift home. I tell her the history of the car and that adventures I have with it. She doesn't mind as she has no car and live with a student-budget. Heading home, and opening the door, we felt like an awkward position and setting. I have never invited someone over and don't have a guidelines to follow. So we sat there and we watched "America's Next Top model", and I must say, she does have strange taste in women. The ones I find that is not photogenicly good looking she loves it. Perhaps it's her edgy side coming out. That said, my bf served drinks and then asked is she would enjoy a Swedish massage. She stood up - almost jumping, "Shhure..."

She is naked lying there with instructions to lie down and relax. She's robotic, and willing. She's ready for our touches and certinaly would not complaint. My boyfriend did all the courses and I did not. I must say that I am happy that he is in my life, having all these skills, from cooking to professional masseur. I am spoiled and happy, and about to be happier.

I imitate him, move for move, on the other half of this skinny naked body. I must say, she is skinny as her breasts are almost omnipresent. In this darkness I had to massager her back but cannot wait any longer. She knows which side of this body is my side as I touch so much more softly than her side. Imagine; a relaxed far off dreamy feeling, languor. That delicious sense of relaxation and well-being, achieved without drugs or alcohol. A dimensional space where there is nothing to do other than simply be... and enjoy the pleasure of your own body.

As we finished her back side, my bf sat above her head to give the forehead and head massages. And he asked her: "Is it ok for Vicky to touch your breasts?", she nodded. As I approach my hands to her breasts and wander around as I have no idea what to do.

Then it all happened. In a surprising move, she raised herself to my faced and gave me that passionate deep french kiss to remember. And the flow from there went smoothly. She did not have sex with my boyfriend and the focus was on me for this first time and I can say that I was turned on. I cannot count and hardly remember the number of time I came... And when is all ended she laid there between us sleeping like a kid who's been spoiled and offered the parent's bed for the good dream to continue.

looking0987654 55M/52F
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12/2/2005 6:43 am

would have love to just lay beside the both of you and watched. it must have been really hot for your bf to watch.

looking0987654 55M/52F
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12/2/2005 6:46 am

post 130911

would have love to just lay beside the both of you and watched. it must have been really hot for your bf to watch.

rm_gubbub1 68M
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3/18/2006 5:23 pm

What a lovely story, I got very turned on reading it.

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