How to dance ina swing club  

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10/25/2005 10:07 am

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How to dance ina swing club

Am I crazy to say to say that when I saw those girls kiss I was turned on? Was it wrong. I always thought it's morally not good. "Not appropriate", like my mom would say when I said something wrong. Do I need to hear that voice in my head when I stare at them?

How is it that we are only allowed to be heterosexual? Why is it that it feels arousing when it happens. Why do I want to touch them so much? In this dance club, where touching is allowed, I rubbed myself against them. It kills me that I am here rubbing myself, I grabbed her ass but I don't know if she felt it. Maybe she did and surely she did as I saw the look on my boyfriend. He sees these things that I would normally not. He likes to analyse gesture and actions, and his interpretation of consistency in people's actions is always right. Yes, she liked it and she's rubbing herself against me. Oh and she's kissing her too at the same time. Is this a show for me or a sign to join in? And I did join in, with the 3 guys standing all around us, this is a show of 3 girls deep French kissing for the pleasure of the club. Oh I cannot believe that I am at the center of the attention. Thank god, the spot lights do not move and point to us… I like this but don't know yet how it feels to be a celebrity for a minute.

Is this what a first time experience at a swing club feels like?

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