2 girls for me  

Nouveau_Couple 43M/44F
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10/28/2005 9:44 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

2 girls for me

Oh have we kissed and made out. As I lay my hands on her, another was rubbing herself behind me. They both are touching me and that feels good. I am aroused not by one but two women. Oh I feel like the center of the universe. How is it so easy suddenly to have so much touching?

Perhaps this dance floor called me to be here. To advertise, to arouse, to call for, and to be desired. It's incredible, hope I can find the way to feel more. My hands wander on her back, but what is that soft touch going down my spine? Oh, my, someone grabbed my ass and I feel wet. My knees are weak.

They both desire me and touch me. From my right hand I hold the head of the girl behind me to make her closer to my neck and eventually to my lips. I deep French kiss and I enjoy it. With my left hand I hand on hang to the girl in front me. He head is my anchor point as she god lower and kiss between my breasts. I cannot hold longer this is killing me. It's torture, yet sensual. Unusual. Sexual. Oh I cannot write this any longer, I am wet and not good at writing blogs. Please help me write, drop a comment!

rm_funkyfunone 53M
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10/28/2005 10:31 am

It’s a stretch for me… writing as a woman with two other women. But hey, I always love a good challenge!

The bass beat throbs in my head, driving our bodies to writhe and pulse together, as if we have a common force applied to us. The three of us grinding out a rhythm together, amid the oblivious crowd of reveling dancers. Sheri, dancing in front of me, has the most luscious of bodies, her tight hard ass pushing back into my hot wetness. Does she feel the same passion that floods my body? Do hot sparks fly from every inch of her skin that I touch?

My head is pulled back until my lips are crushed once again into Kim’s, her body still hot and pressed hard against my back. My brain cannot keep up with the onslaught of signals from all of my senses. My stomach is tight with anxious sexual desire, my box aching for satisfaction from these two women.

OK… time for somebody else to take over.

Picsman 53M

11/15/2005 6:06 am

Il est toujours agréable de voir évoluer une femme au niveau sexuel... Tu découvres de plus en plus les plaisirs charnel d'une femme qui comprend ton besoin.... Et tu as bien raison de prendre ce chemin... Je peux pas être contre l'amour....

Tu es peutêtre devenu bisexuel et j'espère que tu fonceras à fond de train dans cette nouvelle voix...

Je suis aussi bisexuel mais non pratiquant depuis plus de 5 ans... Je n'ai jamais touvé une femme qui serait prète à accepter de faire l'amour avec un homme et une femme en même temps...car je considère la bisexualité que lorsque qu'il y a une femme et homme en même temps... Fondamentalement, je suis bisexuel. mais dans la vie de tous les jours, je suis hétérosexuel car je ne baise que ma femme... Mon idéal est de vraiment baiser avec une femme et un homme... Si je devais séparrer les deux sexes, je me considèrerais soit hétérosexuel soit homosexuel...chose que je ne suis pas, j'ai besoin d'une femme... Imagine de pénétrer ma femme durant que je suce à fond une bonne queue!... poufff, j'en bande... Dans ma tête c'est pas compliquer c'est de sentir dans ma bouche, ce que je fais à une femme....J'imagine simplement reçevoir ce que je donne avec ma queue...et là j'arrête ici car....je ne sais plus écrire soudainement...

looking0987654 55M/52F
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12/2/2005 6:54 am

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You are so lucky and hot, also wanted to watch my have sex with another lady. just thinking about it gives me a boner.

thanks for sharing

looking0987654 55M/52F
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12/2/2005 6:57 am

post 128492

you are so hot, have always wanted to watch my wife have sex with another lady. thanks for sharing

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