The Dr.'s Office  

Nottiredatall 53M
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8/31/2006 12:46 pm
The Dr.'s Office

It was going to be the usual in and out of the Dr.'s Office to pick up the referral. Until I noticed the pretty blonde working at her desk to my left. She was between 23-27 yrs. old. Her hair had the current multi-streaks running through it. She was about 5'4' tall, maybe 120 lbs. and wearing the sexiest pair of tight brown slacks with a cammy and blazer I have ever seen. Her pants revealed the "V" from her thong although I couldn't make out the color the sheer presence of that "V" focused my attention. Her eyes were blue and the bottoms of her feet were a light pink which I'm sure she didn't know matched her toenail polish. A very pleasant girl, bright smile, and we made eye contact a few times. My mind wondered about how she would smell if I got the chance to hold her. A momentary dream of a dinner "al fresco" ran through my head. Then I looked up and we locked eyes again. She politely smiled and turned away.
A bit of euphoria filled me as I looked at her and waited patiently for my referral to be processed. As the secretary handed me my form I said thank you and then made sure to catch the little blonde's attention. "Have a nice night and a good weekend"I stated. She slightly turned in her chair focused on me and replied ,"Thanks, you too." It all seems pretty simple doesn't it. But it was as if time for that moment mattered more than the rest of my day. It happens to all of us, make sure you take the time out of your life to appreciate it.

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