I'm Getting Excited....  

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9/18/2005 8:07 pm

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I'm Getting Excited....

Greetings All , I'm getting excited about a number of things... first and foremost just waking up everyday for the past several days is in itself a blessing.... for those who take living for granted just like breathing... know that there a lot of people who don't wake up in the morning... my motto "everyday you wake up it's a good day" ... I'm excited because the displaced people in New Orleans are finally getting some assistance from our government; it's still a very tough and unfathomable situation for most of us, but JOY indeed comes in the morning . I'm struggling like all americans but I remain optomistic and grateful for what I have my health, my children, those who truly care about me, and my desire to live this life as only I know how... my sexual frustrations are coming to a point where they're not so much of a focus as my basketball season has started and I'm focused on getting in shape and knowing the rules so that I can and will be the best official I can... it's a beautiful game . Also something I don't do but will simply because I'm feeling empowered and invigorated... I have been communicating with a woman who exudes class, is very attractive, candid, real, and down to earth. She has brought a bright ray of 'like' into my world... and though she may not be sure she's done this but I am grateful ... I promise to reciprocate that same ray of light into her life! The football season started last week with my favorite team getting beat like they stole something... good thing there are 16 games in a season... we bounced back this week nicely... and combined with everyone else in our division who lost today... we are in good shape... I little over a few years ago I lost my favorite brother... he wasn't an angel by any stretch of the imagination.... but he was true to himself and his love for me... and I miss him dearly... my youngest son reminds me of him a whole lot . I talked to my buddies today via conference call about the days games... and all I can say is that you should be a fly on the wall and listen to our conversations... they are so hilarious... that is if you're a sports fan! I had 9 games this weekend.... 4 on Sat and 5 today. And nothing amazes me more than these parents who attend these games for thier children... and act far worse than their kids ever will.... they argue with each other and amongst themselves about basically nothing... and then, as their children grow up and 'act out' they are at a lost as to where they learned that behavior from... of course, they point the finger at television, music, computer games, and the internet.... but never I guess does it occur to them that they are indeed the role models that their children emulate... the alleged coaches of these teams don't teach their kids the fundamentals of the game instead relying on talent.... and they don't get it... talent is important... but attitude and applying the fundamentals of the game are equally and in most instances more important.... but who listens to anything that is too much like right... lol... I just remind these so-called most talented kids... that there are 50 other states in this country where they play the game.... Nuff said!
Anyway, I don't know when I'll get to meet this outstanding woman that I mentioned... but I know that I'll be more than ready when that time comes and I'll do all that I can to respectfully seduce her mind and hope that everything else follows.... I sense that she is extraordinary in all aspects of life and I want to share in that with her.... anyway, the game is getting god now.. it's the 4th qtr... Raiders vs Chiefs... close game Raiders down by a field goal... I could care less about either team... but the game is competitive...

Wishing all of you a fantastic Monday! And a beautiful, pleasant, productive, prosperous rest of this coming week!

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