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12/12/2005 8:56 pm

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I always thought of myself as 'average'.

You know, in the downstairs.
Dongle-length, to spell it out.

But I just read a survey by a well-known international manufacturer of condoms. (Who's products I'd always found a bit too tight-fitting, now I know why!)

According to their research, the average erect length of a male caucasian penis is:

5.877 inches!

That's all???
I was stunned!

The other thing I learned, was that the difference between average and 'large' was less than 3/4 inches! (6 to 6.25 inches)

I KNEW it!!
Most men DO exaggerate! Or measure from their knees up!

But I'm over the moon! Exuberant! Joyous!

That makes me above 'average'. And according to that, WELL above average

I feel so manly and powerful now!

That and the fact I can keep it up for well over an hour of solid 'use' makes me feel like Superman!

Now, where's my Lois Lane??

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