Why is she like that?  

Notbigbutwilling 49M
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4/1/2006 1:22 am
Why is she like that?

I accept her for who she is, how she is.
No questions.
I wouldn't change her.
I like her how she is.

Yet... she doesn't seem to accept how I am.
She gets annoyed at little things.
She's angry because I had my mobile turned off while I was trying to catch up on some rest (I work long, hard days).

I am hurt, because I started to have strong feelings for her. I opened up to her. I shared my inner self with her. I was honest and open with her.

And I know she's been keeping things from me.
But I accept that that's how she is.
I told her how I feel.
She doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong. She's already decided there's no future in this, just good sex for her.

And I think that this relationship's too one-sided for me.

Heartbreak is something you have to live with when you give your heart away so easily.

Time to move on......

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